The heats about to break!

The title of the the album is a reference to Tarot cards which those of us who grew up in the early nineties and were also obsessed with The Invisibles know all to well. The bonus tape is called All Survivors Pack. Which features a song that taught us the name of Billy the Kids mom. A little bit of trivia we can’t wait to break out. We’ve yet to get hold of a tape player to listen to this masterpiece, but thankfully some tech savoy TMG -Head (I’m not sure what we call ourselves), placed it on line already so we can hear whats in our hand without playing it (go Bless the future)! While listening to it with 24-hour cable news running in the background makes us think of Japan, Earthquakes, and the fact that we’ve moved our HQ right in the heart of it. Truthfully this has been on our minds for the last year, but it all comes together cohesively while under the influence of John Darnielle’s soothing, nasal voice! Continue reading The heats about to break!

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