Fast times in L.A.

All in all I liked L.A., I hated its public transportation system and general city planning is shit, but all in all it was an interesting town. Just like any other place I have ever lived, from New York, to St. Louis, to here in S.F.; it starts off so shiny and new and full of amazing wonder, then slowly fades to fact of life day to day monotony. Although I don’t think I could ever live there or ever get used to seeing people I had previously only seen on television or my computer screen up close and in person. I also don’t think I could live there without seriously learning Spanish and possibly Korean. The weather (much like the traffic) is everything you have ever heard. Two months and it didn’t rain once, the sun shown ever day down on beautiful palm trees and unbelievable attractive women in skimpy clothes. There were defiantly moments that felt like a David Lee Roth cover of a Beach Boys song! The sheer expansiveness of the city was daunting at times. It felt like L.A. was just a blanket name they gave to five cities which met at the center. Continue reading Fast times in L.A.

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