#Occupydeeznuts; Let’s play Master and Servant

I see all the news is filled with these #Occupiers, people standing up and crying out against the socio-economic injustices that have always existed in this country and the world. I would love to be in the middle of it all. I would love to raise my fist and help topple the corrupt empire that I have railed against since I was a teenager. Yet, I feel like it is all in vain. I have been a part of many protest actions in my time. I was at A16 in Washington DC (despite being on Federal Probation in North Carolina at the time); I was tear-gassed and chased by cops. Running along-side a drunken Uncle Sam who said he was also on Federal Probation in Virginia and not supposed to leave the state either. I was in New York in 2002 protesting against the Iraq War when the police came through on horseback hitting anything that moved with black jacks; I dove on top of a teenage girl I had never met before to shield her from the officer’s baton. I took several cracks to my back that actually felt good because my back is shit after spending eight months in a federal prison for thinking I was an anarchist terrorist when I was 19. Believe me if anyone should be out there crowing about the end of this bullshit society it should be me. Continue reading #Occupydeeznuts; Let’s play Master and Servant

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