The Holiest of Holy Part III; Oh Holy Night!

There are no words to describe how unbelievable this night was. Despite that the set was so close to the ones for the two previous nights, it didn’t matter. There was a special feeling in the air and his words rang so much more true being in the place where so many of these tales took place. Having seen so many of the street names only mentioned in lyrics before. I felt a new connection to the man, like when he moved to my home state and I to his, our fates crossed again. As he started This Magic Moment he looked right at me and pointed “Put your camera’s down” he said, “Let’s try to have a real special moment not one you record” I complied partially, I was still taping the audio. I’m sorry Johnny Boy but I gotta think of the future I don’t want to lose this moment. I think he will understand better now that he has confessed to listening to Grateful Dead bootlegs. Continue reading The Holiest of Holy Part III; Oh Holy Night!

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