Get Yourself a Funky-Monkey-God!

The other day the so-called leader of those hapless idiots known as The Tea Party, Mark Williams called the Islamic God a “Monkey God”! Upset over the fact that there are plans to build a mosque near their beloved Ground Zero, the right-wing nut job (who is a frequent guest on CNN) let loose a rambling dumb-ass diatribe on his blog? Again when did rednecks get so computer savvy? This further illustrates the ignorance (not to mention intolerance) of this group. Allah ( the Muslim diety) is not a Monkey-God! He’s not even close, he’s closer to the mythical Judeo-Christian God Yahweh, they each branch out from the fabled tribes of Abraham. This idiotic religious squabbling seems never ending. It would be a much better world if all of these douche bags got their collective heads out of the sand. Stop putting so much emphasis on a pathetic desert religion that has lost all meaning thousands of years ago. There is a Monkey-God out there that is far more worthy of your respect and devotion. Continue reading Get Yourself a Funky-Monkey-God!

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