The Death of the Internet: How I quit Facebook and learned to love Tor

That’s it, I did it! I am officially off Facebook. Their support of CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) was the final straw that broke my back. It wasn’t the only factor in my decision though, it was the best one. I had grown tired of Facebook much in the way I grew tired of Myspace in its waning days. Forcing me to adopt the awful looking timeline was another big one, but I had been visiting less and less over the last six months anyway. I had been on Facespace for nearly 5 years and all of the sudden sweeping changes they began making last year had begun to put me off. The redesigns were all terrible, the fact that to see anything from someone that I hadn’t directly communicated with meant constantly updating manually the settings. Yet Dr. Pepper and the Washington Post managed to constantly be at the top of my news feed. I   used to love Dr. Pepper, but Facebook was starting to make me hate it. I haven’t even been able to drink a cool refreshing can of DP in weeks. I would go days without even logging in because I dreaded going through the motions of selecting “most recent”, or scrolling down forever to see if my sister had posted any new pics of my little nieces.

Sure I’m going to miss it. It’s only been a couple of hours and I’m already wondering if my ex-girlfriend (who I still live with) is posting things about being out at a bar with some guy I hate. And sure, my info is all still there held captive by Mr. Zuckerberg’s evil Empire, waiting for me to change my mind, but I won’t. I have my Tumblr and that’s all I need. I have a Google plus account but that place is still like a weird new gym where nobody really knows anybody else but we see each other all the time so we nod, but just out of habit. I don’t need it anyway. I don’t really interact with other people, I just use it to lurk and post links to my blogs and run my Tumblr feed through. I used it primarily for boosting my numbers on all the other things I do online. Which-thanks impart to Tumblr-have been becoming increasingly fewer and fewer. Facebook is changing, but I’m changing too. Fuck everything is always changing I know that, you don’t have to tell me. But is it for the better.

The whole internet seems to be a pre-teen adolescent going through that awkward phase deciding if they want to be a rebel, go with the flow and try to be popular, or be a stay at home nerd hitting the books. These new previsions being pushed through legislation are just the tip of the iceberg. The big corporations want to control everything and eventually they will win, they have the money and the power to dictate what we see and what we use online. Soon my beloved Tumblr will be gone. Or at least changed, they won’t allow us to use images from our favorite movies and TV shows to express our love and devotion to a particular fandom. None of us will be allowed to alter a photo to create a meme or simply show people what it is we’re watching at the time. Sure they say these laws are for pirates, they want to stop us from watching things for free, or enjoying music without registering with them and shelling out some coin.

If you are of the mind that “somebody made it they should be paid for it” then you will gladly give up your funds for everything forever. But I feel like these people have already been paid, they are already rich, me watching Eastbound and Down for free online isn’t going to bankrupt HBO. I have cable, I don’t have one of those DVR boxes, if I miss an episode of Monday Night RAW, or Walking Dead and find it online does that mean I don’t pay my cable bill that month-no! Then you say well, the law may not be for you, but I tell you what, it will affect me. As file sharing sites are shut down, and people are hauled off to jail for episodes of True Blood. And if I want to download music, so be it. When I was a kid one guy would get an album and then the rest of us would give him a blank tape and he’d make us copies. This is nothing new, and the record industry has kept on going. Besides musicians used to travel on foot from town to town playing for change or a slice of bread, now they fly or ride around in huge mansions on wheels, they make millions and forget where they come from and start to suck ass. They’re just singing and dancing they should be grateful they don’t have to work some shit job cleaning up poop or puke or doing something else demeaning to make a living. They’ll be fine without my thirteen bucks. I give my money to independent bands, acts that are still struggling riding around from town to town in a shitty van putting in work. Those groups I have no problem helping out, but millionaire’s like Little Wayne can go fuck themselves, I’m downloading that shit.

As I write this I’m downloading Tor. Which if you don’t know is what we all should be doing; I’m surprised it took me so long to do this for my new computer. The most disturbing thing about this new legislation is the unlimited reach it gives to ISP’s and governments (not just ours but any) to spy on costumers, and users. CISPA basically kills anything that resembled freedom online. The internet was the last free place on earth where anything could happen and anything goes. Now we have to go deep, back into the old internet, the undernet, the darknet-where it’s even wilder and more lawless. Not everyone is going to be able to come. Millions will have to remain above ground and pay the price. I’m sorry for that. When I was young and the internet was new and just a black screen with green letters I had high hopes. I thought this was going to be the thing that changed the world for the better. It would connect us and the revolution would come. The common man would be awakened and singularity and all that jazz. It almost happened, things almost changed for the better. But the hammer fist of the man came crashing down and put us in our place. Now it’s back to the old ways, BBS boards and pure Goatse. It was fun while it lasted though.


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