Tim And Eric Awesome Movie! Great Job!

As a long time Tim and Eric fan, I went into their feature film debut expecting to hate it. I had read several reviews and interviews that lead me to believe that they had sold out and made a film that had crossover appeal. I believed they had abandoned their absurdest humor in favor of a linear story that spit upon all they had built before. I was prepared to see a film that bore little resemblance to the 11 minute Adult Swim show that I loved so much in favor of something that normal people could swallow. I was happily disappointed.

What Tim and Eric have created is something that can never be shown on TBS, possibly even HBO. The Tim and Eric Billion Dollar movie is not an extension of the Awesome Show, it is an explosion of absurdity, a mash-up of sickening gags and humor so black that you can barely see it! The film has been available on demand since late January, if like me you have purposely avoided it in order to enjoy the insanity on the big screen; stop reading now! Go see the movie and then come back, in other words; SPOILER ALERT! I don’t want to reveal to much about what happens but I also don’t want to ruin the surprise. With that said, Tim and Eric have filled this film with enough profanity, shit baths, sex with old ladies and pegging as to  assure that the only way you will see this movie is if you are either a fan or forced to watch it at gun point by a fan. Much like the Aqua Teen movie it will never play on VH1, MTV, or possibly even Cartoon Network itself. The language is harsh and great, the gags while sometime coming across as forced, are placed so that they cannot be removed or the story falls apart.

All of the great things we all love about the show are there as well. The retro instructional videos, the disgusting slurping noises, odd facial ticks, and Jeff Goldblum! There’s the odd running, outdated special effects, and even Amie Mann! Missing are some of the reoccurring characters that we know and love. Weird Al is sadly absent throughout the film and although it would have been hard to shoe horn in an Uncle Muscles segment featuring Casey and his brother, I would have welcomed it. David Liebe Hart doesn’t make an appearance until the end of the film, minus his trademark puppet, which I was none to happy about. James Quall is there, but his moment is all too brief. Worst of all-no Chippy! All in all I loved the movie, but came out of the theater wanting more

The disturbing aspects were in place, some semblance of a narrative story was there, there were bits I loved and bits that made me cover my mouth so I didn’t puke up the cold popcorn at the tiny art cinema-that was the only place showing the thing! The big names that have all made appearances on the show were nice, but I would have liked to see Zach Galifianakis as Terry Green instead of the mystic guru, and John C Reilly’s Steve Brule would have been a better use of his time on screen. Will Forte is great albeit a little underused. Bob from Twin Peaks is there as is Robert Loggia (as the studio head who green lit this movie) who was awesome as always stealing scenes up until the bitter end. As does the guy who played the villain in Real Geniuses and tried to shut the Ghostbusters down who’s name I can never bother to recall. These are for the most part the usual suspects, I would have like to see the circle expanded. Especially since Tim made an appearance in everyone’s favorite Bridesmaids, last year.

In the end I understand why these changes where made, I mean we’ve already seen all that. They have stated in countless interviews that they didn’t simply want to recreate the show on a big screen. Which is fine, but they could have done that and I would have been grinning from ear to ear anyway. I don’t see this movie bringing in any new converts though. You’re either on board or you are lame. Now have the sudden urge to go and download some Amie Mann!


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