Well, it’s been a minute since my last post. Doesn’t seem like I’ve been missed by anyone but the spambots. I gotta work on that, perhaps I should do more self promotion, or perhaps I should just write more. Seriously, I should have been writing this whole time. I have been working a lot, but I just had four days off for the holidaze and instead of sitting down and giving you my end of the year blah, blah, blah like everyone else, I decided to spend my free time mowing down Zombies on my Xbox like I was 14. I’ve been jotting down my thoughts and making notes during the brief times I pause to watch Hardball with Chris Matthews. Most of which are pointless to sight now, because current events are only relevant when their current.  I did manage to empty my Yahoo mailbox and clear out all the spam and Hulu que updates. The only thing I have managed to stay on top of are my two Tumblr micro blogs (Armada Outpost 606, and my NSFW blog Die While Making Love to a Horse). Which is easy since their just pictures I find surfing the inter-webs stoned or drunk. But this is possibly the last year of man’s current existence. Not because the Tibetans believe that it is the end of Kali-Yuga or the “Age of Iron” the final and darkest time line of the four Yugic cycles. It’s not because of the Qero’s Pacha Kuti, the Zep Tepi or anything the Hopi Indians feel about this coming year being a “turning point for mankind”. Nor is it because Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce or the fucking Cross of Hendaye! This is the last “baktun” and you Monkees, you party animals, know what that means!

It means a whole lot of jack-shit, to us anyways. We who have never been a part of mankind, we who have no humanity to lose. We will keep on fucking and rutting about in the trees as we always have. We will continue to out drink, out party, and out last all these hairless apes well into a new age of Monkee/Robot dominance. It will be a somber time as one of our greatest warriors Brock Lesnar has fallen and retreated to the snowy plains.Yet there is a lot to look forward to this year; The Hobbit movie comes out, along with the final decent Batman which may not be so decent since a third good Batman movie seems like a impossible dream. There’s also the Avengers and the Aliens prequel Prometheus. Aside from that we have the return of the Phoenix in Marvel comics, and The Invisible’s Omnibus headed down the pike. Although we morn the loss of our beloved Community (the best sitcom on TV), we welcome back 30 Rock with open arms, and can’t wait how they deal with Tracy Morgan’s real life controversies. NBC has jumped on the end-times bandwagon with their new promo (I tried to find a clip I couldn’t.)

Of course that’s just on the entertainment front. On the political front things look even more bleak and dismal, and we’re not talking about the Republican’t primaries. There seems to be no hope when you get to Washington but I’ll still vote for Obama over some right-wing religious fascist that will strip even more of my rights away in the name of some God that I can’t comprehend. The left’s weak attempt at revolting turned into a camping trip or improvisational homelessness. Although everything is trending downward, the world will undoubtedly keep on spinning and blessed Universe willing, comics will keep on being published.

What would a year end blog post be with out a moving tribute to the people we lost… Well a lot of people died this year. And although I kinda loathe the fact that we cry over celebrity deaths when people who are kind and good die without recognition  every single day. There has been one celebrity death this year that has moved the entire Monkee Kingdom;

We’ll leave it at that! Happy New Year you rotten son’s of Bitches!

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