#Occupydeeznuts; Let’s play Master and Servant

Perhaps it’s because I will be 12418.5 days old in 7 days that I have become so jaded. I will be 34 years old and in the last year of my marketing usefulness. No longer in the key 18-34 demographic that advertisers, television shows and movies are made for. I will be officially old and outdated. I have felt this coming for the last ten years. I chalked it up to the fact that I was ahead of my time, and hung out with older kids when I wasn’t supposed to. Aging is inevitable, I had always been told, but I thought I would die before I got this far and truthfully it’s disappointing that I haven’t. I should have burned brighter and done more all those times I played it safe drinking until I blacked out and eating light bulbs. Fuck my high school teachers all agreed I wouldn’t make it to 18, those losers. I am also now at the exact age my mother was when she passed away. If I make it another year I will have existed on this earth longer than the person who brought me into it and that in itself is a weird feeling. As a seasoned vet I look now out into the world and reflect upon my life. I see all the things I did, and should have done. I am in the heavy process of weighing my life. But as a Libra it is something I have done before and will undoubtly do over and over again until the spaceship comes and takes me away.

I see all the news is filled with these #Occupiers, people standing up and crying out against the socio-economic injustices that have always existed in this country and the world. I would love to be in the middle of it all. I would love to raise my fist and help topple the corrupt empire that I have railed against since I was a teenager. Yet, I feel like it is all in vain. I have been a part of many protest actions in my time. I was at A16 in Washington DC (despite being on Federal Probation in North Carolina at the time); I was tear-gassed and chased by cops. Running along-side a drunken Uncle Sam who said he was also on Federal Probation in Virginia and not supposed to leave the state either. I was in New York in 2002 protesting against the Iraq War when the police came through on horseback hitting anything that moved with black jacks; I dove on top of a teenage girl I had never met before to shield her from the officer’s baton. I took several cracks to my back that actually felt good because my back is shit after spending eight months in a federal prison for thinking I was an anarchist terrorist when I was 19. Believe me if anyone should be out there crowing about the end of this bullshit society it should be me.


Although somehow I don’t see how playing drums in a circle and kicking around a hacky-sack with your college homies is gonna make a difference. I gave up on peaceful protest and marches in 2003 after a rather poor march through downtown Atlanta. I was chatting with an elderly woman who was rather sweet, and obviously a lost child of the sixties who was with a group called Poets for Peace. Their group was eight strong and felt they could best fight the system by writing horrible poetry and reading it to each other. They had t-shirts though and bought one for 10 bucks. As I rode the MARTA home I thought about how these people who claim to want to change the system are just as much a part of it as the ones they are against. They have different things they care about, separate values and ideas, but strip away the style and the meaningless things and they are the same. That woman could have given me the shirt or traded it for some of my shitty poetry, but she didn’t she exercised in a capitalist trade using printed money of the regime in which she rallied against moments before. She didn’t dislike the system she disliked its figure heads.


The people in New York and around this country who are forming this Occupy #Whatever movement, are not protesting the system itself (some are but not all especially their new labor union allies) They are not calling for the end of America or the world as we know it. They are not offering up a new Anarchist state as response, hell they are not even really asking for anything other than the end to corporate greed, which will be as successful as the government’s imaginary war on the boogey-man “terror”. Abstract arguments against abstract concept. Today (Tuesday 10/11), they staged a Millionaires March where they walked past rich people’s houses and stopped to yell at Rupert Murdoch’s house. I’m sure that made everyone feel wonderful. And I’m sure Murdoch wasn’t even there and if he was he could care less. These symbolic gestures are meaningless in the grand scheme of things. If these people want to be taken seriously they should have burned down Murdoch’s home. They are trained and conditioned by decades of bullshit to believe that non-violent protest is the way to freedom and that only not fighting back changes things and that is bullshit. Do you honestly thing Martin Luther King talking at churches did as much as the riots which followed his assignation. Violence begets violence and violence gets results. I hate to be the one to point this out but, it’s true. Hippies didn’t stop the war in Vietnam; too many American soldiers coming home in body bags stopped the Vietnam War. Walking in a line and chanting slogans will get you nothing but a sore throat and swollen ankles. If this is truly to be a uprising and the beginning of the first Class Warfare Revolts since the dawning of the industrial age then there has to be massive riots not sit-ins. Look back at history and see how it has happened. Your signs and sing-along’s have no effect on those in glass towers to high to even hear them. You want to sleep on the streets and blog on you nice little capitalist made laptops fine, but don’t think you are making a difference or changing anything with a status update on facebook. You want to see real change (I doubt any of them do) you will burn down everything you see and destroy it all until there is no choice but to rebuild.


Outside my window right now they are building a new apartment building, but before they can they have to tear down the one that was already there, dig up the earth and make a new foundation. They can’t build anything on top of the old one. New lines must be made and new pipes laid; Out with the old. When I was in high school I wrote about the coming war between the Haves and the Have-Nots. If this is to be the beginning of that war then let’s not waste it with puppet shows and the ramblings of theater arts majors. I have been active in the anarchist movement in this country both physically and through my writing since I was 14. Allow me to share with you a little of what I have learned. I was anti-tax long before the Tea Party co-opted that lingo, I didn’t file my tax returns from 1996-2004! I haven’t had a job that takes taxes from in over a year, I could care less about the tax rate, if you don’t like it don’t pay and fuck it. I have a long criminal history mainly for bucking the system and fighting against what I believe to be injustices and partially because I am an alcoholic who can read. Steal everything that’s not nailed down. Can’t find a gig fuck it; sell weed or coke and party every fucking night. If you don’t like system burn it down! This life is what you make it. The only people that have control over you are the ones you allow to control you. Experimenting in Sado-Masochism taught me that. NO one is ever going to respect you, or listen to you if all you do is march and hold up signs. What this country needs (what the world needs) is a merging of the Tea Party and the Occupy people, and they start acting like London teenagers. Smoke out the terrorist and then see what happens. Until then it’s just empty rhetoric the same that they say they are fed up with.

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