Dreamcasting; The Inhumans

So the new EWs (Entertainment Weekly) arrived yesterday featuring a cover story on The Avengers which was awesome, but the real news was dropped in one of those little boxes in the corner of the article. An Inumans movie is in the works! I know there are a ton of nerds that already know this but along with the fact that a Guardians of the Galaxy movie is also working its way down the pike.  Now as awesome as it will be to see the Rocket Raccoon on the big screen, it’s the Inhumans that got me thinking. Who would be the perfect cast? First of all the story should be tight, sticking closely to the original Jack Kirby/Stan Lee version. Just the origin and the battle with Maximus for the Throne. Leave the whole Kree/Skrull war conflict and space travel for future sequels. Their look should borrow heavily from the brief Jae Lee run. His art on  that min redefined the Inumans for the current generation and should be the template the movie is built. With that said here’s my picks for the core Inhumans;

Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Cambell from MadMen) , as the brilliant martial arts mastering monk who can see the flaw in all things. He’s a great actor and would give Karnak the air of arrogance that he deserves.

Asthe aquatic brother to Karnak Jim Parsons would make the perfect Triton. Now this wouldn’t be the purple underwear wearer of the Kirby era, but the thin swimmer build of Jae Lee. I picked him because I feel he could pull a David Hyde Pierce and give voice to a character portrayed by Doug Jones or some other body actor covered in CGI.

Ryan Hurst, who is awesome as Oppie in Sons of Anarchy, has the look and the chops to play the tough, and brash Gorgon.

The beautiful and powerful yet indecisive Crystal would be perfectly played by That 70’s Show’s Laura Pep (where has she been anyway). Whether or not they introduce her former lover The Human Torch, or her X-husband Quicksilver to tie the movie into the larger Marvel U, is up to the director. But if they do she would be excellent as the mother of Magneto’s only real grand-baby.

Crystals big sister and Queen of the Inhumans (the only real one to me), should be played by fellow North Carolinian Evan Rachel Wood. Although I have heard the cries for Christina Hendrix to play the role, I think the Inhumans should appear a little younger for the first film.

The villain of the film should of course be Maximus as I said earlier, and as you can see from the picture I have cobbled together for you the perfect choice for that role is none other than Dexter’s Micheal C. Hall. No pretending to be a mild mannered good guy, just all out psychotic bad-ass-ness for Dex!

For the role of the silent King, and Maximus bro, I’m a bit torn. On one hand it has to be someone who looks the part both body and face. The actor has to be able to be both stoic and convey everything with his face. He can not speak so the look is the most important thing. Dark hair, steely blue eyes and the air of a King with the weight of an entire race on his shoulders. I narrowed it down to two choices. Both of which have played superheroes before, albeit for the rival company;

Ian Somerhalder, from CW's Vampire Diaries. Who starred in DC's Smallville.
And the Star of Smallville Tom Welling! I mean c'mon the guy is great and got shafted out of the reboot.

Honestly either of these guys would be a good BB but time is running out on Welling in Hollywood terms, so I hope he finds a big role soon that will put him back on the  map.

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