Fuck Obama (yeah right)

Fuck Obama (yeah right),

yeah we're all disappointed

Fuck Obama, fuck, Obama, yeah, yeah, that’s all you hear around the web these days! Whenever I read some little prick saying that my first question is; “Did you vote for him?” Of course their answer is always “Oh, no I would never vote for that socialist blah, blah, blah”, my response to that is; “Then shut the fuck up!” Because if you’re just hating on him because of some racist Tea Party/Fox News/Right Wing bullshit, then you can go fuck yourself! You people who have fucked this country for another 20 years with your bullshit! Seriously! Why do you hate Obama? Is it because he tried to give you health care that was affordable? Because he failed at that thanks to fox News spreading lies, and Tea Party assholes bringing guns to town hall meetings! The only thing he’s done is make it where insurance rates in 2014 will come back down to roughly where they were at when the bill was signed! He made it slightly easier for people with pre-existing conditions to get coverage at some point in the future yet to be determined! Are you mad because he closed Gitmo? Because he didn’t! Thanks to Republican assholes crying not in my back yard! Even though there are prisoners in American prisons who have done a hell of lot worse than being Muslim in the wrong place at the wrong time, which half the people still left in Gitmo are guilty of! Do you hate Obama because he ended the two wars we are in! He didn’t do that either, in fact he ramped up Bush’s anti-terrorist policies and carried the banner of bullshit into Libya! He has continued the practice of rendition and just kept a guy on boat for two months without charging him with anything! Is it because he hasn’t been friendly enough to Big Business? He’s kept the stupid Bush Tax cuts in place which has worked so well for the economy! You mad that he bailed out the auto industry? Those are real jobs he saved, real average workers, at least he didn’t bail out Wall Street like old Bush did-oh wait-he did that too!

Boo-Hoo, the scary African stole my country!

At every turn Obama has bowed and cow-towed to the demands of the party that lost the last presidential election; he came in with a Democratic controlled Senate and House, and wasted it doing whatever the minority party wanted. He has buckled on every major promise and squandered all the hope and good will that he rode in on! He hasn’t stood up for gay rights, he hasn’t stood up for immigration reform, and he hasn’t even stood up for himself. He (and we) has allowed the right wing/moral minority to dominate the political conversation in this country for four years. He has bowed to the cry-baby’s who were voted out of office the last time! Now we approach another election and frankly I would like to vote for someone who had a little more back bone, someone who would fight against the people who are doing nothing but fighting for Big Business, and fighting to destroy the middle class. The republicans have done nothing for four years except for say no and obstruct any type of progress or change that President Obama has tried to implement. Any hope he brought they crushed at every turn, now they walk out on talks to pay the country’s debt. They have threatened to ruin this country, just so they can win the next election! These jack-asses want to crash the economy and drive us into a financial hole ten times worse than the Great Depression! And they seriously want us to vote for them again.

He knows you know he's a clone!
What's crazier than a Mama Grizzly? Meeeee!

Who do they have to run against Obama anyway? Mitt Romney who is the alpha-clone for some sort of Mormon Manchurian Candidate; just look at the beta-clone Huntsman! Michele Bachman is scary with her 28 kid homophobic Christian fundamentalist brood, and obviously flaming, pray-the-gay-away, husband! Could you imagine a Romney/Bachman ticket? Minnesota might as well be Alaska, because apparently they don’t teach American history in either state. If this lunatic is given any higher office than she already holds, none of our kids will learn anything, except for that a magic man in the clouds wished the world into existence in seven days then had to take a nap! History, Science, proper grammar will be swept under the rug. If any Republican candidate is elected they’re dogma will set back this country to the pre-1950s. This means not only will there be no gay rights, or women’s rights, but I will have to drink from a separate water fountain than my girlfriend. In fact we may not even be able to live together! You see I am a true liberal, I believe in equality, and not being controlled by a group of people who are different than the fucking Taliban in my opinion. That is why no matter how much I wish I had another choice, I have to vote for Obama again. Because I cannot ever in a million years allow these fascist assholes to take complete control of this country again! We seriously need to think about a third and possibly forth party system that will be some real change!

2 thoughts on “Fuck Obama (yeah right)

  1. really fuck head Obama is a terrorist asshole he has went against the constitution many times if you like a dictatorship so much get the fuck out of the us that fucking thing you want to call president is a joke you must be on welfare and living off the system

  2. You sir are exactly what I’m talking about. I wrote this some time ago (check the date)but it holds true still. This is America, you are free to be an ignorant bigot all you like, but please for the love of Mike-be honest about it. You refer to the president as a thing, which shows how you really feel. You do not dislike President Obama because of his actions, you dislike him because you don’t view black people as human beings. I feel sorry for people like you I really do and I rarely pity anyone.

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