“We Love to Party” Summer movie season kicks off!

There’s been a whole lot of going on at the Armada HQ, next week we’ll be taking the base camp down to L.A. for two months, so wish us luck in the city of Angels! In the meantime Summer movie-time is here! We love movies here, every since we were tiny little Monkees! We try to go each week, year round, plus buy tons of DVDs and watch what ever classics offered up on cable. Summer movies are the best, because that’s when Hollywood brings out the big guns. None of the weighty Oscar worthy fare, just mindless “boom goes the dynamite” thrill rides! 2011 is shaping up nice for us with all the comic book related flicks dropping. We saw Thor the day it came out! And despite it feeling like a prequel for the Avengers, the tried and true comic book geek in us won’t allow us to bad mouth this movie. It was a fun actiony-comic-book movie. Lot’s of great special effects, Thor was a lot smaller than he is in the comics, but bigger than I had thought before I saw it. I would have still preferred Triple H as the Norse God, but I guess Paul can’t really act so… We love comics, I mean we really love comics. We don’t collect them just because we hope they will be worth money one day. I mean one look at our collection proves that (not in the best condition), we will never sell them anyway. We want them (Hollywood) to keep making more and better comic book movies, so we will go and watch every one they make! we’ll even go see Green Lantern with that stupid Dane Cook looking Canuck Ryan Reynolds! Even though we absolutely hate his smirking dude/bro face and every time we think about him getting all up in Scarlett Johansson it makes us want to hurl lighting bolts at his dick until it falls off! We’ll still go see it!

We also saw Bridesmaids starring the ever sexy Kristen Wiig, and Maya Rudolph! It was hilarious, but more because of Melissa McCarthy who stole every scene she was in! Hate to say it but Bridesmaids is funniest if you have a vagina. Not that it’s a standard total chick flick, but it’s still geared more toward the ladies. The biggest problem with it was that it followed the Judd Apatow formula of starting off raucous and ending on a sappy, feel-good note. I want a movie that starts off balls-to-the-wall and stays that way with no redeeming qualities, no feel good message, and no apologies! Oh wait did you say the Hangover 2? Don’t mind if I do.

So last night we went to see the sequel to one of the funniest movies of all time. Before we

Tracy Morgan chows down at the theatre!

get into the action we should tell you that while in line to get a tub of popcorn we heard a voice behind us, turned around and it was TRACY MORGAN! Yes, the man himself, in-town doing a series of stand-up performances (for which we already have tickets for), was enjoying a little late night Hangover fun himself. He also sat directly behind us making it hard to focus on the movie (for a minute) with his distinctive laugh. But once the ball got rolling it was hard not to get caught up in the misadventures of the Wolf-Pack! Now if you haven’t seen this or you don’t like spoilers stop reading now! Don’t listen to any of the reviews or what your dumb too-cool-for-school friends have to say on Facebook! Go see this movie. It will be the new litmus test for the bro set. If someone tells you that it sucked or it wasn’t as good as the first one, it’s because all the lady-boy penis and tranny humping made them feel uncomfortable about their own latent homosexuality. If you’re comfortable enough with your sexuality as Ed Helms apparently is then you can clearly see that this movie was amazing and took the adventures of the Pack to a whole other level. 

There will be a bit of whining from the animal loving PETA set, but they’re just malnourished vegetarian pussies who are too stupid to find out that the smoke coming from the monkee’s cigarette was added digitally. The movie was a non-stop roller-coaster moving faster and bigger than the first one. Dr. Kim was on point despite spending most of the movie in a ice chest! Zach Galafanki (as we like to call him)  was on another level completely and glimpsing how Allen views the world was unbelievably one of the high points of the flick. Of course we were cheering loudest for one of our own, the drug-dealing, cigarette smoking,  Rolling Stone vest wearing, monkee! And ” When a monkey nibbles on a wennis is funny in any language!”  We were surprised to see that there were not one but two t-shirts out already! One of which we definitely want, the other not so much since we haven’t sold drugs in two years and before that one occasion it had been close to four.  No body parties as hard as these boys and if they were real we would want nothing more than to spend every night blacking out with them! We brought some booze in to get as close as we could, though not all of us have tolerances low enough to get sloshed during a two hour film. We might have to go see this one again before the next big summer movie!

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