We’re all Slaves Now!

After last nights blatantly illegal move by the Wisconsin Republicans, we are left with one question-Where is Prince in all of this? Yes we know Madison isn’t Minneapolis, and Wisconsin isn’t Minnesota, but it’s close. And isn’t Prince the man who wrote slave on his face to stand up for The Artist right to earn more from his work. In other words standing up for the worker. Now I’m a huge Prince fan (I’m not uber obsessed though I kinda lost him after he started putting out three albums a year and going all black pride when he’s visually Puerto-Rican), but I would hope he hasn’t turned his back on the lower class because we can’t afford his $15,000 VIP tickets to a show he announces a week in advance! Everybody is busy questioning whether the President should intervene or at least say something, but President Obama has long ago indicated that he is too busy floating in the clouds above us contemplating important world matters (like starting a third war in the Middle East over oil) to be bothered with what us little people are doing. He has more important things to worry about like school bullying For Christ sake! I mean I know he feels that if he stays above the fray he may somehow come out the golden boy, but what he doesn’t understand is that there is a such thing as shrapnel. Even if he remains high above the other contenders for his crown, he may still end up with a few scratches that remain in the history books. These are decisive times, that call for clear decisions and the era of the gray area is coming to a close. As we draw nearer to the inevitable, we all must take a stand on one side or the other.Yet I have all but given up on Obama the politician to make any bold decisions concerning anything, at all, ever! I do want to know where the hell his Purple Majesty¬† is in this debate over labor rights! C’mon Camille! We’re all slaves now!

Meanwhile in other news…

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