Update: Case study on End-Time Characters 1

Charlie Sheen’s twin children taken away to be examined. It is believed they are One and Seven Hunahpu fabled hero twins from the lore of the Quiché Maya!

As crazy as that is not (actually expected it was-quotes Yoda), Sheen broke a previously non existed Guinness World Record for most tweets garnered in 25 hours and 17 minutes. Patton Oswalt feels that it’s not Charlie, and I would have to be inclined that he’s right. According to the pics Sheen is going to the ball park to eat hot-dogs named after himself, and celebrating Direct TV on a television no bigger than the one at Monkee Armada HQ (and we do not have #TigerBlood). Now is per the fashion, everyone and their mother are trying to capitalize on the Sheen craze guaranteeing that it won’t be relevant by this weekend. Barring something truly shocking; like a midnight gun battle with the cops, as he tries to rescue his magical twins from government probes and test,with only the aid of his mystical floating goddesses! Now that’s a comic book I would buy (hint, hint).

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