Apocalyptic Personalities: Charlie Sheen, a study in end times characters

For the last several days The Armada has dedicated its Tumblr to Charlie Sheen! We have been obsessed with this warlock weaving his spell across the world and spinning a spiral of mojo so high that he can cash in on it until his star burns out. This is the standard in the new millennium but Sheen has been crashing and burning for as long as I can remember. In the eighties he married porn stars, shot his fiance and crashed more cars than any one person should have and survived. Now with his claims of invincible tiger-blood and Adonis DNA, outed himself as a true rock-star Martian, we are in love with him. If this is a flame out it is spectacular, but Sheen is no armature. He is  like Bowie in his rock-star Martian guise. He will fall but be reborn stronger than ever. After watching the two today show interviews something struck us as odd between 1 and 2. See if you catch it, but we think we me be either seeing a true honest to god bi-polar episode or a Joaquin Phoenix style opera, a lesson for the little people who question the acting ability of Charlie Sheen!. You be the judge.




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