What does this Republican lead attack on teachers mean for the future of America?

The United States is no longer the world leader in secondary education, The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development places the United States 18th among the 36 nations examined. Yet the problem with America in the eyes of the right is that there are too many teachers and that they are over-paid! StudentsFirst.org, calculates that at least 160,000 teachers are at risk of losing their jobs. Teachers’ unions are front and center in the debate that is going on in Wisconsin. In Providence, Rhode Island Mayor Angel Taveras is sending layoff warnings to all 1,926 of the city’s teachers. The problem they see lies in Unions and workers having rights that they spent the last century fighting for! In Michigan the governor says that 60 students per classroom are acceptable (only in Detroit of course, and only for minorities). They want more uneducated African-Americans and Latinos so they can lock more of them up and put them to work in the privately run prison system, putting more Americans out of work. Mass layoffs of public workers have become more common as city and state tax revenues have plunged during the recession. The mayor of Fall River, Mass. fired nearly 150 city employees in 2009, after two big companies in the town, Quaker Fabric and A.J. Wright, laid off almost 3,000 people in 2007. And the tiny city of Maywood, California laid-off every one of its employees last year and instead moved to an outsourcing contract system to save money.

And while these “Tea Party”; supposed small government, fiscal conservatives swept the November elections on promises to focus on “jobs, jobs, jobs”. They have insisted instead on cutting jobs, and creating a worse economic situation. Along with stripping rights from not only workers, but women as well, reigniting the 90s culture wars and trying to drive their backwards religious convictions down the throats of the country. They have done nothing to try to create jobs and mocked and stalled any attempt by the White House to do so. They have shown nothing but contempt for the middle class and shown that they are no different from the Republican good old boys club that they claimed to have rejected as well. These religious right nut-bags are no better than the Taliban. They just kneel to false white Jesus than the other mythical Arab with a flying carpet! They’re a joke and should have been treated as one from the start. Too bad no one let MSNBC and CNN in on the joke. They elevated this group of false patriots created by Fox News to positions of actual power in the government. People like Rand Paul and his father have no idea how the system works and nor do they care. They simply want to abolish laws that hurt their Koch brother backers and threaten their white manhood. They don’t give a damn about the people. The Chris Christie’s and Scott Walkers are nothing more than corporate stooges whose main goal while in office is to destroy the progress the American worker has made throughout the 20th century!

I say that the Republican/Tea Party morons should be allowed to make all the cuts they want. They say they have so much faith in the private market. I say expose their lies, expose their ignorance, and show them for what they really are all about! What they really care about it the rich and the wealthy, and what they really want is to widen the gap between themselves and the poor and minorities. They should be allowed to cut all the programs for the poor and money for states and find out that all that money simply doesn’t go into some mystical government machine. The money actually goes toward people and paychecks, and when it disappears you will have more joblessness, more unemployment, and more poor and angry people. Let them reap what they sow; I say let the G.O.P plant their own seeds of destruction. When the Social Security checks don’t go out, and the schools and parks are closed, and a lot of little things that most Americans take for granted are gone, then we’ll see the reaction from the public. It will look more and more like Wisconsin from coast to coast. Perhaps this is what they want, with their lackadaisical stance on gun laws, perhaps the bible-thumpers want to see an armed revolution. They assume it will all be blamed on The President and they can use that to argue why people of color should not be allowed in charge of anything. It just feeds their ideas of the Apocalypse and the return of Superman Christ!

This is why they love Reagan so much!

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