“Where in the world is; Bud Bundy?”

So last night (11/23/10), after The Bad Girls Club Reunion, I watched Sons of Anarchy starring Katey Sagal! It’s one of the best shows on TV even though it’s about a biker gang that makes the poorest decisions when coming to running an illegal enterprise on a consistent basis! After that I flipped over to TBS for Conan O’Brien whom I will love no matter how cool he’s become to people who I would never call cool. One of Conan’s guest was the lovely Christina Applegate. His second guest was a some guy who stars on the horrid ABC hit Modern Family. Which also stars one Ed O’Neil! The synchronicity of this was not lost on me, but it left me wondering (out loud even, you can ask my old-lady); “Where in the world is; Bud Bundy!” I mean Christina has had success with Anchorman, and a couple of failed TV shows, Ed’s been doing everything from a pointless Dragnet remake to a number of failed TV shows. Katey, well she is now both Lila and Peg Bundy who if combined would form the perfect woman! So just where in the hell is David Faustino? Well, it turns out he’s been doing bit roles in B movies that barely rate as D! Like the 2008s hilariously (un)funny National Lampoon’s RoboDoc! and some shitty  Boston Stranglers movie that no one seems to have heard of either! I kept digging though and found this thing called the Al Bundy’s Weblog! I’m not sure if that was meant to be ironic or to say that if Al had a blog he would call it a Weblog all the time? I don’t think Al’s sence of humor would be akin to that of some 40 year old geek that still lives in their moms basement and thinks it’s funny to obsess over a show that was-what?-15 years ago! I don’t know, but god bless him, because he had the haps on old Grandmaster B! Apparently in 2009 he and Parker Louis Can’t Lose (Corin Nemic), starred in a big time Web Series from Sony Pictures! Yeah why have you never heard of it! I don’t know take a look at an episode and figure it out! It’s sad to see what happens to child actors sometimes.

You should never build a childs’ mind up so much and give him so much power that when he (or she) becomes an adult they are unable to cope with the harsh reality that every thing isn’t always going to go there way. Realistic expectations is the lesson here kid’s! Now remember when you grow-up you can be what ever you want, but if you only want to be one thing then you’ll suck! The strength of what the rest of the cast has done, is they became other characters and they’re damn good at it. Ed O’Neil is the only good part of that ABC/Disney show he’s on! Christina has proven to be the funniest person from that show, and Mrs. Sagal! Well if you aren’t watching Sons of Anarchy, then you probably can’t find it because it’s on FX but it should totally be on HBO. A million times more relevant to my interest than the Soprano’s Jersey/Guido hour! Seriously why did people like that show! I hope now they realize that the kind of people that live in New Jersey and act like that are like the douche  bags on the Jersey Shore! Still I digress, it would be nice to see David Faustino on TV again I’m sure they could turn his web series into a show. I’d watch it before I ever would watch Entourage! And it’d give old Parker Lewis a job too!

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