The Brink of Insanity!

There is just a few weeks left until the Mid-Term elections here in America. Voters here will be faced with a tough choice, one that the President and the Democrats have been trying to pound home (with good reason); to continue moving forward or backslide into the past. It’s very simple, that’s why they keep repeating it over and over. I was born in 1977 (yes I’m 33); Jimmy Carter-a peanut farmer-was president. He was the last truly progressive president America has ever had. In 1980 the Republicans retook power with Ronald Regan-an actor-and they turned back the clock on everything that Carter had tried to accomplish. They used his name throughout the eighties to keep the Democrats at bay and by just invoking it they made them cower and kowtow to their bullshit. They widened the gulf between the rich and the poor and did everything they could to destroy the middle class. The Republicans used the falsehood of fiscal conservatism to mask their religious right agenda and roll America back to some false nineteen-fifty’s ideal where women and minorities knew their place. But power corrupts and absolute power, well you know the drill. The Reganites lost their way by the 90s and power returned to the Dems with the election of “Billy Clint-the Super Pimp”, but he was no real progressive. Not like Carter, Billy-Bill was a watered down Dem who like the others had spent a decade under Republican control and because of his run most Americans (myself included) were left feeling like there was no difference between and R and a D on the ballot. We allowed ourselves to be lulled to sleep as the second Bush was placed into power so blatantly that very few even made a peep. Clinton’s VP was shamed out of politics for even calling the coronation into question.

The eight years of the Bush II felt like watching the Emperor rise to power in the Star Wars flicks. It was a return to the dark ages even worse than it ever was under Reagan. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer. The rights of the average wage slave were stripped away faster than anyone could have imagined, and it was the dark ages all over again. Then along came Barrack Obama, and with buzzwords like hope and change we were sold on a brighter day. Though what most failed to realize was that it wasn’t going to be easy, it wasn’t going to be magic and change doesn’t happen overnight. The public also failed to realize that those out there with true power weren’t going to let it go without a fight. They were going to hold on until we beat them off of it with a stick. Fox News and the Republican elites used every dirty trick in the book to destroy any hope there was in Obama’s election. Those at the top don’t like change, they made a lot of money under Bush and the little people having hope was a threat to their survival. They did a good job not only stopping any progression Obama wanted to bring, but also turning  those who were offended by the thought of a mix race bastard ruling over them, into a group of rabid fanatics the likes of which haven’t been seen since FDR was president.

They had their gold peddling mouth pieces stir up enough hatred and venom, that now we stand at the brink of another Jimmy Carter, another failed progressive and a return to the good old dark ages. There are enough religious nut bags on the ballot across the country to turn America into a theocracy on par with the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, were our boys are still dying every day. They have a huge segment of the population confused enough to win. And the rest of us are cowering in the shadows again scarred by dashed hope and thwarted change.  It is an admirable trick.  It would be funny if the outcome wasn’t so dire. The results of turning back the clock would be even more catastrophic than anyone has really said. What people don’t seem to realize is that if these Tea Party assholes using fiscal conservatism as their guise once again, win the mid-terms then nothing will get done and in two years we will have Sarah Palin as president and if you don’t believe that will be the end of the world then you’re as dumb as someone who believes they can see Russia from Alaska.


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