NewsFlash: January Jones Cast as Emma Frost-bustanut!

Normally we don’t all geeked out over movie casting, the last time was probably Patrick Stewart as Professor X! And the it’s the X-Franchise that has done it again. Now at first I was down on this upcoming prequel flick mainly because it plans to rewrite the entire 40+ year history of the X-Men. Not to mention the already botched the casting of the Prof by using James McAvoy who if you recall was a part of that abomination masquerading  as Wanted. They peaked our interest by adding Kevin Bacon as a yet unknown villain (it’s got to be Mastermind I can’t see him as anyone else), but now I will be forced to see this movie for one reason.

According to Marvel themselves this is happening. It had been rumored for sometime and was on every fans wish list once plot details started leaking. The only problem is that they introduced Ema in Wolverine: Origins and she was a kid the same age as Scott right?

But with all the revisionist history going on with these movies that seem to get worse and worse I can’t wait to see if the put January Jones in any one of the fabulous costumes that a grown Emma wears in the comics. I pray, pray, prey, they honor the comic character faithfully and have Mrs. Jones in all of Emma’s glorious outfits. Here’s a little taste to wet your appetites.

Perfect casting I’d say!

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2 thoughts on “NewsFlash: January Jones Cast as Emma Frost-bustanut!

  1. Your first picture is a still movie poster for _The Girl Next Door_, starring Elisha Cuthbert of _24_ fame. It is not January Jones.

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