71st Anniversary of the worst Flying Monkees ever!

It’s the 71st anniversary of the film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz. We mention this only because the movie feature the most ridiculous version of the dreaded Flying Monkees from Hell. In the original novel the Flying Monkees are vicious unrelenting terrors who tear both the Scarecrow and the Tin Man limb from limb and scatter their body parts across the landscape! In the 1939 film they only rip apart the Scarecrow. In the novel they are controlled by a magic golden hat and the Wicked Witch of the West is responsible for all of their actions . In the movie they are merely pawns who willing do the witches bidding. This makes them seem more like willing accomplices and have branded them as evil in the eyes of those who only know them from the film version. The movie also removes their ability to speak.

We the Armada are descendents of the Vanara our mighty attack wing are the Flying Monkees from Hell. They are the most deadly and ferocious branch of the Armada, they will do far more than tear apart a silly Scarecrow or Tin Man (what the fuck Tin is like one step up from aluminum). They are the most loyal and closest to Lord Hanuman, and they are the vengeance of the skies. When the Flying Monkees descend from the skies no one is safe for they are the terror that strikes from on high, beware their wrath and fear their cry! The Flying Monkees From Hell are circling and it is your very soul they seek.  I digress, they are nothing like the cartoonish creatures depicted in this musical! Though They are these  awesome wicked toys created by Gentle Giant.

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