Sillof builds his dreams

You ever wonder what your high school history teacher did for fun? No, yeah me neither, but if you were ever curious about what Mr. Johnson was up to when he wasn’t grading papers and trying to correct your assertion that Teddy Roosevelt was responsible for everything, here’s your answer; Sillof (pronounced “Si” like Psi or Sci-fi and “llof” like cough or pilaf) and of course that is not his real name. He claims no formal artistic training simply a love of making his own action figures since he was a kid. And all that time has payed off in a big way. I first saw his version of Star Wars figures re-imagined as samurai’s in feudal Japan.  They were amazing, as if Kurosawa directed the Trilogy. Somehow they felt appropriate since Lucas was so influenced by him. As beautiful as these figures are this guys other work is even sicker. Steam Punk Star Wars, Victorian era Marvel characters, Pulp era Marvel Characters, Gaslight DC figures, and most recently a mash-up of Indiana Jones and Star Wars in these wonderful 1942 WWII figures.

You wouldn’t want to play with these toys, but damn if they wouldn’t look kick ass displayed in your nerd room. With the booming popularity of alternate universe interpretation of established characters these figures are the pinnacle of this movement. Sillof is also a contributor to huge dioramas at Star Wars conventions and gatherings, this year he will be in Orlando recreating the Hoth scene from Empire Strikes Back.  He has videos of his dioramas on Youtube, but if you just want to admire his craft-work check out his devianART page, or just head over to his website and of course he has a facebook page. He also build s replicas of movie props  from you guessed it Star Wars! This man is amazing and a true testament to the fact that playing with toys your whole life is not always a bad thing.

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