Morph-osaurous Rex; Paleontologists Don’t Know Dick!

In our lifetime dinosaurs have went from being these huge ferocious creatures a lot like mythical dragons, to these wiry little things more like birds. I mean not all of them, but a lot more than when I was in third grade and gave a shit, have grown feathers and an assortment of features that have done more to demystify them and make dinosaurs less cool. Now thanks to some guys who named John Scannella and Jack Horner who work at Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana, the Triceratops is now not even its own dinosaur-sorta. Turns out they were just a teenage Torosaurus. But so as to not have to rewrite elementary school text books nationwide, or give museum sign workers something to do, they’re just going to rename the less known Torosaurs, to Triceratops. All this was explained in New Scientist online magazine, but they ask you to pay $40 to read the full article, so I have no idea any more details. Our thoughts on this though are (aside from who gives a shit) we always viewed paleontology as putting together legos without the picture on the box. Yeah it could be done but would you get it right? Paleontologist have no idea how dinosaurs looked, no one does, and they find these bones scattered all over a large area and try to put them together, some times they get it right and sometimes they don’t. They make up what they say they know about dinosaurs based on assumption and how can anyone tell them they’re wrong? You can’t because no one alive has ever seen a living dinosaur its a guessing came at best a crap shoot at worst. Most of what we are taught and believe about dino’s may be completely false, there’s no way of knowing. They say they had brains the size of walnuts, but what if the were super fucking intelligent and created a device that wiped themselves out, what if they walked and talked and had technology far advanced from ours.

Seriously how would you know?


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