Obama Chia and other things that shouldn’t exist!

It's fucking Magic!

It seems at times that you cannot escape Obama, I don’t remember there ever being a president being so ubiquitous. His face is on any and everything. We knew how it was going to be before the election, when we saw all the T-Shirts and key chains and hats and commemorative plates. So after the election we were prepared to see America’s 44th President on even more ridiculous products. The scented candles were one thing, but Obama Sushi? Obama Chicken Fingers, Obama beer, Obama Hot Sauce, and Hennessy well that shit was just plain racist, now we have moved into the darkest realms of novelty, that light-less place where Vince “The Slap-Chop Guy” won’t even tread. After crossovers with Spider-man, his own comic book, action figures, and magic bubble gum! Barrack Obama has visited a place that Garfield and Scooby-Do have gone before. There is now Chia-Obamahere’s just a short run down of some of the many silly things with Obama’s face, name and likeness on the market;

Obama Chicken Fingers!
Obama Sushi! You didn't believe us did you!
Obama Hennessy, because well, you know what they're implying!
Oh got to have the hot sauce, blacks they love the hot sauce!
Classic crossover with another semi-famous superhero!
He also held his own in his own book

Which of course led to;

Obama Action Figure! Who knew he was a ninja!

Those are fine for nerds (like us), and children, but what else to “black” people like? Oh yea-shoes!

There are many knock offs, but these are the offical Obama Nikes!

But what about the ladies?

I'm not sure who would want that much shit around their toes, I mean you might as well stick your feet in a box of legos and alk around!

But what about the White College kids who supported Obama while it was cool but now seem indifferent to their parents Tea party Klan rally’s?

But those things are predictable, The Chia Pet well that was one end of the bullshit spectrum, there is another!

Yes it is exactly what it looks like! I know what my little lady's getting for Christmas!

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