There’s a Little African Child (Trapped in Me) Too!

So last weekend we went to see the latest Judd Apatow/Jason Segel laugh-fest “Get Him to the Greek” starring Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, and Puff Daddy, and I would have to say it was pretty good. Not as hilarious as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but a decent follow up to one of (if not the) greatest “break-up” movies ever made. Jonah Hill was great in his “I’m the new Jack Black (minus the singing)/lovable fat guy role” surprisingly they made it through he entire movie without any references to his weight, which I for one applaud. It’s past time we began to except the fact that not everyone is built the same. I’m pretty stoked about his role in Cyrus which comes out nationwide today! It’s Hill and Dr. Steve Brule himself John C. Rielly tearing it up. Hill actually seems to be playing a calmer, more subdued character in this one and I’m curious as to how that’s going to come off.  The real star of the movie though is the soundtrack. I immediately rushed home to download it from Soulseek, and have been playing it every sense. Russell Brand does a spot on imitation of every pretentious, self-absorbed, pampered rock/pop star-ever! Not that it’s that hard to mimic the overtop expectations and lifestyles of those at the top of the music industry. Yet Brand takes it to a whole other level, because he can actually sing! Like I said I’ve been blaring the soundtrack foe an entire week now and I can’t get enough. I reacted similarly to the Sarah Marshall soundtrack, so I’ve been waiting on this album every sense. The simple genius of the album and the movies center piece “African Child” evokes the very worst of U2’s Bono and Madonna’s self-serving obsession with “saving” Africa, be it by obnoxious speechifying or endless adoptions. The genius lies there-in, Brand takes all of the absurdities of pop icons over the last 15 to twenty years and mixes it with the over the top drug addled excess of rock and roll during its hey-day. In mocking everyone from Keith Richards, to Axel Rose, even a hint or two of Britney Spears/Lindsay Lohan drug madness. Every bit of the Aldus Snow character that was hinted at in FSM is magnified to level ten in this film. I can’t wait for the unrated DVD. I wouldn’t mind a follow up film either, or perhaps a truer sequel to FSM starring Segels puppeteer character and Mila Kunis! Maybe Paul Rudds surf instructor guy can show up in his own pic too! Man I fucking love that movie!

Speaking of unrated DVD’s; “Hot Tub Time Machine’s” own unrated edition comes out next week and you should all be first in line to pick it up. As funny as that movie was the first thing I said when leaving the theater was “I can’t wait for the unrated DVD”. I just know that Rob Corddry is gonna kill it even harder!

I really, really loved this movie!

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