Death Comes In Three’s-Bet on it!

They say celebrity deaths come in three’s! First it was Gary Coleman, then Dennis Hopper, now Rue McClanahan! Dixie Carter also passed recently as well as Art Linkletter. and lets  not forget Ronnie James Dio! Sure most of these celebrities were very old and well past their moment in the spotlight, but it looks like a bleak time for the stars of eighties television that most of us grew up with. Perhaps the winds of change are simply blowing. Death is a inevitable part of life, it is something no amount of fame or fortune can help you escape. It is in fact something you can bet on.  Websites like Cash4Cadavers and Rotten Dead Pool offer a place for the depraved to put money on who’s next to kick the proverbial bucket. Celebrity Death Pools are nothing new, in Vegas they were something secretive like cock fights, but thanks to the anonymity of the internet has brought out more morbid curiosity seekers ans necroholics. It’s silly really none of us can accurately predict the future, and the randomness of accidents like plane crashes and car accidents, makes it virtually impossible to determine which star fades out next. Yet at you can win up to $3,000 in the Lee Atwater Invitational if you can somehow divine the fates of celebrities.  Perhaps its because we put these people up on such a pedastool that we are unable to remember that they are human. No matter how much time they have spent on the other side of the camera. We view famous people as objects rather than flesh and blood, they”re passing doesn’t effect us as much as a loved one or relative. But what if your loved one or relative happened to become famous, would you want some sick nerd behind a computer somewhere winning three grand when they died?

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