Signs of the Apocalypse #1080

This should be number one right now, but 1080 sounded better. The Armada has long foretold of how mankind has doomed the entire planet. It’s kind of our whole gig. People ask us why we call ourselves Monkees. They say; “You’re obviously humans, you look like humans, you type and live as humans”. The reason why we have rejected our humanity and opted to call ourselves Monkees and profess our heritage as simians who swing from the trees (albeit said trees may look like apartments to you), is because we want no part in what humans have done to this world. Although we are forced to share in the effects of such ecological disasters, we want no part in the blame. I can’t speak for the entire Armada, but I do my part to avoid being involved in the problem. I do not drive, ride a bike, skateboard, nor do I use hair products or deodorants, I avoid petroleum based products like the plague, which is a lot harder than you would ever imagine. Not that it’s possible to completely avoid them, oil is in nearly everything we own and use in some fashion. Not because I am some tree hugging hippie environmentalist, by far, I simply acknowledged at a young age that humans usage of fossil fuels and oil in-particular was detrimental to the survival of all life on earth. The current disaster is just a current example of what that means. While talking heads on the left and right point fingers and try to use this disaster as way to rally up their base and score political points the truth is this is something that affects us all Republicans, Democrats, (bat-Shit-crazy) Tea Baggers, Libertarians, and Anarchist. The ramifications of what is going on and the ineptitude of both BP and the Federal Government to control this will inevitably threaten all life on the planet. As species begin to disappear and the ripple effect is felt up the entire food chain generations from now our children’s grandchildren will find themselves either starving to death or completely dependent on genetically altered farm foods raised in laboratories.  This scenario would have played itself out eventually but now thanks to some poor planning on the part of both big business and the government they installed it will come sooner rather than later.

Migrant workers cleaning up in Lousianna

This is not the first time humans co-dependency on oil has erupted in our faces. In 1979, the Sedco 135F was drilling the IXTOC I well for PEMEX, the state-owned Mexican petroleum company when the well suffered a blowout. The well was initially flowing at a rate of 30,000 barrels per day (1 barrel = 42 US gallons = 159 liters), which was reduced to around 10,000 bpd by attempts to plug the well. Two relief wells were drilled to relieve pressure and the well was eventually killed nine months later on 23 March 1980. Due to the massive contamination caused by the spill from the blowout (by 12 June, the oil slick measured 180km by 80km), nearly 500 aerial missions were flown, spraying dispersants over the water. Prevailing winds caused extensive damage along the US coast with the Texas coast suffering the greatest. The IXTOC I accident was the biggest single spill ever, with an estimated 3.5 million barrels of oil released.[i] Nor is it the deadliest; The Piper Alpha in the UK Continental shelf exploded in 1988 killing 167 workers. It was also the most expensive costing $1,270,000,000 to clean up. These accidents have happened more than those calling for “Drill Baby, Drill!” would have you know. And as long as we continue to drive cars and use oil in machinery and nearly every product made by man, we will continue to suffer from these “accidents”. The media wants to focus on blame and discuss who is doing (or not doing) what, the fact is we are all responsible. We all share blame in this and we will all pay for our crimes. Oil doesn’t go away when the slick breaks up, and the damage done doesn’t dissipate when the news vans pull away. It will circulate in the ocean currents, settle into the sea floor and soak into marshlands. Oil from the Deepwater Horizon will continue to persist in the Gulf for many years to come. Toxic concentrations of oil will spread to the shallow coral reefs of South Florida, and even up the Atlantic seaboard as far as North Carolina.

IXTOC I blowout 1979

The Piper Alpha

No doubt the administration has dropped the ball on this and it will no doubt be a permanent stain on Obama’s presidency. This problem will persist far into the next rulers reign, and the next, and the next. And as long as the oil barons and tycoons who pull the strings are able to, we will have another disaster and another after that. This is one incident where, playing the typical political blame game is pointless. We all right or left will suffer this. Those along the Gulf Coast, who are still recovering from a hurricane five years ago, will be irrevocably damaged by the loss of the fishing industry for many years to come. Any hope of economic recovery is lost now. And with the social structure disintegrating across the country, war on two fronts and Iran and North Korea looming in the corner 2012 may end up being more than just a movie.


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One thought on “Signs of the Apocalypse #1080

  1. The Earth is bleeding and we are powerless to stop it. If this is a sign of the apocalypse to some then I say let it come. The strong will survive and have the opportunity for a fresh start. Right and left? They are really the same when it comes to the bottom line. They still represent control over not just us, but the very land we ‘claim’ as well. Let the revolution begin!

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