We are living in a pre-Natal world!

In a few months the world as we know it will change forever (for those that can afford it), just in time for Christmas! Billy Gates and his brain trust have developed a revolutionary new addition to there psycho-addictive game console. It is called Project Natal and it is as sinister as it’s name sounds. They are planning to release a device that will not only scan you and what ever you desire into a game, but will also be sentient enough to recognize your face (even in a room full of people), it will talk to you as if it is alive, and one day it will take over your home and kill you. Long has the Monkee Armada awaited the rise of the machines, but we just assumed that at the helm would be a Monkee Army guiding the controls. But when we saw this we began to tremble that the true masters name will be Milo;

this is the official commercial which attempts to make this frightening new technology look family friendly but there is even an undercurrent of sinisterness in it. Look at how the young girl reacts when she realizes her only way of communicating with her friend is through the fucking X-Box. Her parents probably live in some walled off “gated” community.

To be fair Sony’s Playstation has come out with their own version also debuting in November, but it’s more like the Nintendo Wii designed by Tyler Durden.

They also try to slip there’s in as family friendly fun, just keep in mind that they’re mapping you and storing your image inside a online game system!

I know the ultra-geeks out there will say this is old news, but to the rest of us (especially those over 30) will recognize this  for what it is;

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