Get Yourself a Funky-Monkey-God!

The other day the so-called leader of those hapless idiots known as The Tea Party, Mark Williams called the Islamic God a “Monkey God”! Upset over the fact that there are plans to build a mosque near their beloved Ground Zero, the right-wing nut job (who is a frequent guest on CNN) let loose a rambling dumb-ass diatribe on his blog? Again when did rednecks get so computer savvy?  This further illustrates the ignorance (not to mention intolerance) of this group. Allah ( the Muslim diety) is not a Monkey-God! He’s not even close, he’s closer to the mythical Judeo-Christian God Yahweh, they each branch out from the fabled tribes of Abraham. This idiotic religious squabbling seems never ending. It would be a much better world if all of these douche bags got their collective heads out of the sand. Stop putting so much emphasis on a pathetic desert religion that has lost all meaning thousands of years ago. There is a Monkey-God out there that is far more worthy of your respect and devotion. His name is Hanuman and he is god to millions already! He can fly, lift mountains, and set whole countries on fire with his tail! He kicks ass and takes no prisoners (so you right0wing fucks will nut all over him)! He is extremely respectful to the dude in charge but totally takes jabs at phonies, so that’s good for the lefties.  Hanuman is like a superhero in monkey form and let me tell you his holidays are a blast over in India and Asia there are festivals devoted to him that include running around with machetes hacking yourself up and climbing ladders made out of spikes so your feet get all cut up in honor of your god! There are more calm ones where people just let Monkees run the ton and set out a shit ton of food for us!  I highly recommend that one!  You see Mr. Williams a true Monkey-God is rad! He’s not as boring or judgmental as either of your gods Muslim or Christian.

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