I want my own Hot Tub Time Machine

Do you like the eighties? Let me rephrase that; “Did you like the eighties?” Well if your answer is yes you were either really young during that time, or not born at all. Those of us who lived through that time as teenagers or adults look back with fond regret. Much like John Cusack, the star of such eighties classics like One Crazy Summer, Better Off Dead, and Say Anything. in the new film aptly titled Hot Tub Time Machine, Cusack revisits his teenage past both fictionally and literally. Accompanyed by Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, newcomer Clark  Duke,  Chevy Chase, and a one armed Crispin Glover. From the previews it appeared to be a movie that would be filled with references to Cusack’s celluloid past, possibly a run-away vehicle to showcase just how funny Craig Robinson (The Office/Eastbound and Down) is. Yet it turned out to be stolen scene for scene by Rob Corddry (Daily Show). Filled with profanity and the kind of inappropriate quasi gay humor that the Monkee Armada thrives on HTTM may be funnier than Tracy Morgan’s Cop Out, which is saying a lot because I love Tracy Morgan like a fat kid loves cake.  HTTM though takes the cake and smears it on it’s genitals and runs around with its arms in the air until you have no choice but to let it fuck you up the ass. Not everyone’s cup of tea I know, but if you’re ready for a comedy to truly fuck you up the ass go for it! It came in only at number three this weekend despite the fact that the Saturday Matinee we went to was packed, it only grossed $13,650,000, which means go see it twice. We can’t let all these people with kids keep putting crap like How to Train Your Dragon at number one! I want to see movies where fake semen and puked on squirrels run wild.

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