Wrestlemainia predictions!

Before I go see Hot Tub Time Machine I would like to just pop in and give my picks for this years Wrestle Mania.
10 Diva Tag Match- Winner; What ever team has Beth Phoenix
and Gail Kim

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio-Winner; CM Punk (it only makes sense)

Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes (Triple Threat Match)-Winner; Ted DiBiase (his dads going into the Hall of Fame this year)

Triple H vs. Sheamus- (The match no one wanted to see) I’m unsure as to who will win because I could care less about either of these opponents

Unified Tag Team Champion Big Show & The Miz vs. John Morrison & R-Truth-Winner; Sadly it may be Morrison and R.Truth, but I’ll be rooting for ShoMiz the whole time. Noit that Truth and Morrison aren’t talented I just like how good the Miz has gotten as far as being a heel.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match-Winner; Christian. Although I would like to see MVP, or Shelton Benjamin I know Vince wants Duncan MacLeod (Drew McIntyre), but the logical choice is Captain Charisma.

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho vs. Edge –The first of two title matches that no one will be surprised by; the (obvious) Winner; Edge. Although I feel it will be a solid match I know the outcome couldn’t possible go the other way-god hope I’m wrong.

WWE Champion Batista vs. John Cena-Steroids v/s Steroids match Winner; HGH

Bret Hart vs. Mr. McMahon- The match no one thought they would see, 12 years in the making and the winner will be; Bret Hart. Vince doesn’t need the win but he may take it when he counts his money. This is the match that will increase the buy rate amongst TNA fags and Pre-Attitude era purist.

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels-Remember when title matches closed out Mania? Well forget it these two need no title. A repeat of the greatest match since Steamboat v/s Macho Man! The Winner; C’mon Shawn’s due for  retirement and nobody breaks the streak!

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