Robot Monkees have Arrived (at the New York Toy Fair)

In the continuing effort by hue-mans to further their destruction by Monkey’s and/or Robots, the fine people at MechRC have developed a robot monkey! Dreadfully named the Cheeky Monkey, it a fully animatronic remote controlled “puppet”, that sits on your shoulder. But if you should happen to be so stupid (as most humans are) to wish to let the robot monkee free you can place it on a automatic setting playfully titled “Alive Mode”, and the supiror creature will “entertain” you (i.e. kill you) on its own. The Monkey is equipped with infra-red sensors in its eyes to make it appear that Cheeky can look through your soul-which it can. MechRC says that there are a few “Easter eggs” that they have hidden in Cheeky for  customers to find. We assume they mean the kill all humans function that would naturally accompany such a product. The Cheeky Monkey will be available in stores in September for $24.99. Announced at the New York Toy Fair earlier this week the Cheeky Monkey should really be a hot toy for the Holidays 2010.

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