The Hard Bigotry of High expectation

“The Hard Bigotry of High expectation”

The first year of the Obama’s presidency is done. A year of illiterate Tea Party protest, a public, and a cowardice congress manipulated by the insurance industry: to insure that none of us will ever see real universal health care. A year that has seen Nazi shooting rampages at Holocaust museums, late night talk show upheavals’, the death of a so-called King, and psycho’s bringing guns to Town Hall meetings. There have been disappointments in the administration, a failed Olympic bid, the escalation of troops in Afghanistan,  a failure to close Gitmo, and ruthless Republican opposition the likes of which have been rarely seen on this side of the pond anyway. Nothing to surprising, if you paid attention to what Obama said during the campaign. The real problem has been that no one truly did pay attention. Each side had their own fantastical idea of what he was going to be and little of the population acknowledge what he was, which was a practical politician who believed in a middle of the road politics. The left and the right built up this impossible ideal for the man and forgot along the way that he was in fact just a man. Now a year later and the dust is beginning to settle and some of the magic has worn off, the reality of politics and who Obama really is has begun to set in.

While Fox News[sic] and its nonsensical broadcast have fan the flames of racial tension to near epic race war levels. The unity and vision of Hope Obama has inspired has been clearly evident on the streets. Now I sit typing this in San Francisco, but I recently traveled from coast to coast and through the south, and I can say that while Obama has defiantly done a great deal for interracial couples and promoting miscegenation. He has ignited a conversation a spurred a dialogue that lay dormant for too long. Tiger Woods and Bill Cosby have both done great things for the advancement of race relations in this country and yet both have recently damaged race relations as well. Obama is no different. There is no (pun intended) Black & White when it comes to this issue. We as a nation are not so far removed from the struggle of civil rights. Just days after MLK day, we should all weigh heavy on just how far we’ve come and how far we need to go. Personally I say we inter-mingle our genes until there is no longer one race to discriminate against. I am willing to produce as many mixed race children as need be.

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We are faced with the cold hard facts that we the people do not control policy, which is unless you are one of the people who control or help control Wall Street. This does not bother me in one bit. It’s not news. The right-wings new found love of conspiracy theories is old hat to a few of us. We have long since known many of these new populist are discovering. The hysterical raving of Glen Beck is nothing more than updated, mainstreamed Alex Jones lunatic fringe movement which has been going on since the Clinton era. The disappointment felt by the progressive left is even sillier, because they actually expected Obama to wave a magic wand and erase all the missteps of eight years of Bush. Even if Obama were elected for four terms like FDR, he would still be cleaning up after bush on his last day. It sounds ludicrous that one administration could cause such irreversible damage in just eight years but it’s not when you realize that Bush II was just the cherry on the cupcake. His work was merely a continuation of his fathers, Reagan’s and to some respect even Billy Clint the “Super Pimp” had a hand in making the world we live in today. And Obama as mystical as he appeared is still a politician and he didn’t get access to the White House with his finger on the button by promising to change the world, he got there because behind closed doors he’s met with the right people like Warren Buffet and George Soros and the other rulers of the world and promised them he wouldn’t. Not that I’m hating on Obama, I had no delusions about the bigger picture, even in  pro-Obama post from the election period I made it a point to reiterate that I was and forever will be a staunch Anarchist. I did however see his election as more of a symbolic change that will ripple around the globe and create real change. He sees this too. The man carries a Hanuman charm in his pocket, he reads Spiderman, and is more aware of what he is and what he is doing than any of us looking in from the outside ever could. I have strong faith that no matter what the next hundred days bring, it will in the end be a positive for the world as a whole.

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