Magic Monkee Music!

We realize that  Christmas is over with, but you didn’t get us anything and besides why let some out-dated desert religion dictate your gift giving/recieving schedule. If you did decide to make good on your promise to give gifts after your tax returns come back at the first of the year, here is a perfect little useless gem that would right nice  on our desk or that shelf above our bed with the oddly displayed hulk and Barbie dolls.

This perfect little Monkee bops along to whatever MP3 player you plug into him much like the old dancing flowers of the mid nineties.  Although we could not find anywhere that is selling the thing in English we did find  a Japanese website that does. So if you can read Japanese then visit Flyer99 and buy us one! If we had one of these though, there woud only be one song that we would play;


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