Census Conspiracy leads to first death

The United States Census is taken every 10 years to determine the how Congressional Seating will be allocated, and electoral votes counted. The first Census was taken 1790 just after the American Revolution. The census records and data specific to individual respondents are not available to the public until 72 years after a given census is taken, but statistical data is released as soon as available. Yet this hasn’t stopped lunatics on the far right like the absolutely bat shit crazy congress woman Michelle Bachmann from going around claiming that because Obama is the President that this current 2010 Census will lead to interment camps. Or that somehow ACORN would be involved, and the government would be able to take your property. Complete idiots believe that it will lead to targeting undesirable individuals or the U.N. will use it to round up people. Now how someone can be elected to Congress and believe such absolute bullshit is beyond me. Having lived a few blocks away from the actual Census Bureau as a kid I can tell you that it’s a pretty scary looking building, surrounded by satellites, National Guards armed and patrolling the grounds it sits in Suitland Maryland just five minute walk from the D.C. border. I had my share of conspiracy theories when I was a boy, but I  out grew them when I turned 13.  The fact is these same assholes promoting these outrageous claims were awfully silent when Bush was President during the last Census in 2000. Why now all of a sudden is the Census count so evil, well it’s because they fear that a too high count of democrats will wipe away what little power the republicans cling too. So they are fighting back by trying to terrify the public. And it’s working. This week in rural Kentucky a part-time Census worker was found hung in a cemetery with the word “Fed” carved into his chest. Proof positive that the Glenn Becks and Michelle Bachmanns of this world are stirring up a hornets nest of racist anti-government fervor that will ed up making Oklahoma and Ruby Ridge look like practice. everyone from Nancy Pelosi to the Department of Homeland Security have warned that the fires being stoked are dangerous and on the verge of erupting, but the right marches on with it’s campaign of misinformation and rabble rousing.

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