Rush Limbaugh tries to stir the racial hatred

As President Obama poll numbers begin to rebound, Rush Limbaugh tries to stir the racial hatred and possibly insight a riot. Many things Limbaugh has said about The President in recent months could be cause to charge him with treason and attempting to incite a racial war or worse the very assassination of the president. Of course he chooses his words so that none of that could ever hold up in a court of law, but that’s just subterfuge. Limbaugh uses a fight on a school bus where two kids who happen to be black are beating up one kid that happens to be white. Police investigating the fight have ruled that the fight was not racially motivated. This has been made very clear and public by the police chief, but for his own personal gain Limbaugh has chose to ignore yet another fact and stoke the fires of racism

The racial tension in this country is reaching a critical boiling point and it is because of bigots like Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the rest of Fox News. Even former President Jimmy Carter has commented on the fact that the majority of republican criticism leveled against President Obama wreaks of racial biased. The Birther “movement” and the Tea Baggers fanatical lunacy is the most obvious. Their rally’s look like nothing more than unhooded Klan rally’s . What will these jack-asses like Lou Dobbs have to say when their hate spills blood in the street. Some comments I have been seeing on various post around the web suggest that that day is drawing near. On the site where I first learned of the “school bus beating” a reader left this comment;


what a great example of the future of black leadership 6:35 PM on 09/15/2009

wow, a bunch of wild black-Nazis gang up on a white boy that isn’t even defending himself. the black community should be proud. this kid is getting beat down, every other white kid is clearly scared, the bus driver can’t be found (i wonder what color the driver is), and the future of black America….their fine upstanding youth are laughing, taking pictures, and joining in beating a kid that isn’t even defending himself…..I’m looking forward to what happens when 201 million whites have had enough with Afro-entitlement and put their foot on 40 million uppity blacks….

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