Washington gets Tea Bagged (again)

A bunch of upper-Middle-Class White people with way too much free time and money on there hands flew into Washington DC yesterday. After they woke-up and cursed the maids at their hotels they flooded the Capital to let everyone know that they don’t want you or anyone else in this country to have health care because they don’t want to pay for it. With signs that yet again claim the President is Muslim, or not “an American Citizen”, and others that stated that they were not “your ATM” these ignorant, slack-jawed, racist yelled and screamed and continue to misunderstand the principals of either socialism or communism. News media clamored at a chance to have some Saturday news, tried to down play the lunatic element, NBC even tried to claim that the protesters came from a broad cross section of America! As the news anchor uttered the hilarious words the images on the screen showed nothing but a sea of white, mostly older faces. The speakers at the event were by and large businessmen who were decrying the fact that they would be forced by the government to provide health care for their employees, or upset that they lost money because of the bailouts. That is the true face of this “movement” which takes its namesake from the Boston Tea-Party, where if you are unfamiliar was a group of wealthy land owners upset over paying taxes to England. Now where as I and others like myself were considered un-American by these very same people for not going along with George Bush’s lies that led us into a war were over 6,500 people have died to date. I will not go that route, in fact I will say that ignorance and refusal to look after your fellow countrymen is the most American thing you could do.

What really bothers me is how these obvious xenophobic, bigots hide behind “freedom” and claim that Obama is taking it away from them! When The previous administration admittedly lied to congress, wire tapped citizens and eve military officials, exposed CIA agents to the press, falsified information that led us into a war we will never get out of, not to mention the freedoms they actually did take away with the Patriot Act, or the illegal detanation of American citizens. These “freedom lovers’ were happy with that, they gladly welcomed the unjust jailing of those who were different than them. They weren’t expecting that someone different than them would ever be elected to the highest office in the land. Sooo now they’re all for marching and protesting, and talking about freedom like some weird Mirror Mirror version of hippies. It really burns me up though that they made a mockery of the original March on Washington by trying to co-opt the name. As if what Dr. King did in the sixties wasn’t legit, they’re March is the real march. Not so subtle racism there as well. It’s getting ridiculous, these morons who do nothing but regurgitate what ever drivel they heard on Fox News that day are all over the internet blogging and trolling, spreading their message of ignorance and intolerance to even more impressionable, feeble minded souls. While sadly it seems those on the left, content with one huge victory in 20 years, are remaining silent, making it seem as though the Birthers and Tea-baggers are actually representing some one other than escaped mental patients and Glenn Beck. With these loons bringing guns to Presidential town halls and keeping there kids home from school when the President gives a speech, there is no way we can not afford to take them head on and fight their idiocy. Even if they are too stupid to realize what a Tea Bagger actually means.
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