NASA is Blowing Up the Moon!

So on Friday the Armada received the following  message;


I am starting a one woman dreaming to help deflect some insane scientists, military and US government’s agenda to bomb the moon… Say a prayer, do a protection visualization, astral travel, dream walk, or just set an intention the night of Oct 8 & 9th to help our Moon and Lunar sensitivities to deflect, or if that doesn’t work, at least help heal the moon after she is raped (bombed).

Share this on your site, with your emails, or anything that will get it out there globally!

If we don’t do it, who will ?

Unaware of any NASA moon bombings we had to do a little research and found out that NASA has indeed planned to bomb the moon. The mission has been dubbed The LCross and it is reported to be in order to test if there is water on the moon, or whether the moon’s hydrogen and oxygen deposits could be converted into air, water, and even fuel.  To do this they plan to blast 200 tons of moon rock up 10 kilometers from a dark crater where it can be measured by LCross’s instruments. NASA predicts  they will  find a number of different ways to create water from whatever form of lunar hydrogen they find. Recent missions already confirmed the presence of oxygen in moon rocks, while the sun delivers a constant stream of hydrogen. Carrying water to the moon costs $100,000 a kilogram, so these experiments could be the crucial step to getting more people on the moon….Or so they say. The truth may never fully be known to the public but some believe that they found something up there that they’re trying to get rid of. We don’t know either way, it just sounds like a very bad idea and the start of some truly wicked shit, perhaps the 2012 hoopla isn’t so far fetched. Perhaps this is how we totally screw up the weather by knocking the moon around for no good reason other than we’re too cheap to bring our own water when we go up there and knock golf balls around and leave trash everywhere (cause basically that’s all we’ve done).

LRO-LCROSS project. Image source: Northrop Grumman.

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2 thoughts on “NASA is Blowing Up the Moon!

  1. Consider why these supposedly learned scientists would even consider doing anything so absolutely STUPID. The moon has far more effect on Earth than just the weather. If you ask me, there is far more going on here than is being said. Either that or they have been placed under some sort of mind altering drugs for far too long.

    You might want to start doing far more investigating about 2012. I’m afraid you have only just gleaned the surface if you believe that 2012 is mere hoopla. Turn of the television programmer, regain control of your mind and dig beneath the surface. Real 2012 information is out there. Yes, real 2012 and not just the lunatic fringe. DON’T CLICK THIS LINK – -> … if you don’t want to know the truth.

  2. Well The Galactic Alignment is indeed real and the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, but I do not believe that the world will end. Things change, they will continue to change and you can either embrace change or be fearful of it and we have chosen long ago to hug the fuck out of change. Besides I think the math is off it will be 2014 you gotta remember how many ways we’ve changed the calender and the way we mark time itself. As far as mind altering drugs…well that’s a Monkee tradition-how do you think we got this message to begin with.

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