Divorce Cakes???

“According to the current divorce rate statistics, 50% of the marriages end in divorce. National center for Health’s divorce rate statistics foresaw a downward trend in US divorce rates i.e. up to 43%. But in 2002, census bureau revised the predicted divorce rate in America back to 50%. However, some recent divorce rate statistic shows the predicted US divorce rates as approximately 40%.” source aboutdivorce.org

With that said, a friend of the Armada hipped us to an alarming new trend-Divorce cakes. Jilted brides feel they deserve a cake going in and coming out of a marriage. Don’t we all like cake?

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4 thoughts on “Divorce Cakes???

  1. I love the sentiment, but cake is the last thing a newly single gal needs! Divorce threw me back into the gym. dancingdivorcee.wordpress.com

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