Yeah, yeah, yeah

So I am in heaven, I have went to church for the first time in nearly a year. By church of course I mean a Mountain Goats show, and by heaven I mean ecstasy. I didn’t even have a drop to drink, but I did ride an hour and a half, wait three more hours to see my hero JD, rip it up for about forty minutes. Yes it was a bit much sitting through the local spoken word/hip-hop acts (sorry John but I worked at the Apache in ATL and got real burnt out on it), but it was worth it. I drug along my best-est buddy Iori (Jeremiah) to hopefully convert him to our faith. He had this to say on his FB status when we got back;  “…back from seeing the mountain goats,  and actually kind of liked it live .” So there A.Zo shove that in your pipe and smoke it! He dropped two new jewels on us Romans 10:9 (which I thought he called 10:2) and Genesis 3:23 (which he had already dropped on us a few weeks ago.  I would like to just say thanks to the people who put on this fabulous show and allowed we the faithful to convene at the alter of such a man. A gift that will not go un-cherished.



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