The Cuckold Underground pt. 2; The Hot Wife

A Cuckold relationship takes three primary members to exist. The Cuck and the Bull are two, but equally important is the Hot Wife or Cuckdress. So what is it that makes a Hot Wife? The term Hot Wife is used to describe a married woman who enjoys relations with other men, with her husband’s full support, and where he agrees to be monogamous. The husband is publicly aware of his wife’s activities and encourages them whenever possible. In some cases the husband enjoys the humiliation he feels in having his wife have sex with other men. It’s understandable that this arrangement can appeal to women with a dominant and/or “poly-amorous” nature. Cuckold relationships are most often suggested first by the husband, who has fantasized about the situation for most of their lives. According to most Hot Wife websites and forums that I have checked out, the Hot Wife’s sexual activities shouldn’t be confused with her romantic feelings. For most it is curious as to how a woman can be intimate with multiple partners while remaining in love with her husband. Most sites agree that to minimize the risk that the Hot Wife develops any romantic interest in one of her lovers, the couple typically agrees to certain rules often times a Cuckold Contract is drawn up; for example that she can only see the same lover a few times, or that there is a significant age difference between her and the Bull, often times it is required that her Bulls are never part of the couple’s regular social, professional or family circles. There are accounts on these forums from wives (that upon becoming Hot Wives), not only do they experience better sex with their Bulls, but that their husbands become more loving and romantic, and attentive. Yet we’re still left wondering what type of woman is okay with this lifestyle according to a survey from a Yahoo Cuckold Group the average age of a Cucktress is between 36 and 45 (35% of those polled) 17% are stay at home moms, while  32% have Bachelor Degrees. This leads to the theory that idle hands are indeed the devils workshop; educated women, with an abundance of free time and the economic affordability to entertain their fantasies.Katiecuckold

Not all Hot Wives can be lumped into the same boat. Like with all relationships each is unique and every couple handles their particular situation differently. There are however, apparently various degrees of behavior that come with the Hot Wife lifestyle. There are dominate Hot Wives who prefer to engage in sexual acts with the husband’s superior (either his boss, military superior, or sometimes even parent) so the feeling of overall helplessness heightens the husband’s humiliation and pleasure. These can include some elements of BSDM but in some cases the humiliated husband simply watches while his Hot Wife puts on a show just for him by flirting, kissing, or heavy petting, and other men. In other couples the husband is allowed to join in on group sex activities. Most of these activities involve multiple men pleasing the Hot Wife, but occasionally other Hot Wives are involved, gang-bangs and cum-baths are popular with this type of relationship. Many Cucks find it exciting to give their wives oral sex after one or more (or many!) men have left (their) cum inside them. Often in this type of lifestyle the husband becomes excited when his wife’s “Hot Wife” status becomes public knowledge. In some cases the Bull enjoys exclusive rights to sexual acts with the wife, or the wife will withhold certain sexual acts from the husband. Occasionally a hot wife will come home from an encounter with her underwear or vagina full of semen, providing the husband with the proof (so-to-speak).


Some Cuckold couples claim to have established a deep level of communication and an excitement for each other that are rare after many years of marriage. Others claim to have married young, and the wife’s curiosity over what she might have missed out on lead to their entering the Cuckold lifestyle. Most however agree that their Hot Wives sleep with other men, because that is exactly what she wants to do. There seems to be a general consensus that their wives would be participating in the activity with or without their knowledge and that their compliance is merely a way of maintaining some sort of relationship with the woman they are in love with. Perhaps it is because men typically have more of a voyeuristic nature than most women, so that’s possibly why the Cuckold type of lifestyle has caught on. Or it could be that we are simply sexual creatures by nature. A form of Cuckolding has been documented in other primates such as chimps and other apes. Even dolphins and birds have arrangements were the woman is the sexually promiscuous partner while the male is permitted to mate but once. It is society that has dictated that the woman is to be the chaste “good wife”, and the man to be the “dog”. These stereotypes have been ingrained in us for some time and perhaps it is now that we are evolved enough to break free from their constraints.

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