Doom Patrol and the End of the World

they howl as though the world were ending,

and we are watching the sky unwinding

and some of our promises were binding up here where our dreams take form

Weekend in Western Illinois


Thinking about the end of the world and Grant Morrison’s run on Doom Patrol. Thoughts fluttering through my mind, due in part to the second cup of coffee and the fact that I haven’t been out in a while. Going a little stir crazy playing Grand Theft Auto 4 and biding my time. It seems I’m waiting on something, but I don’t know what. Perhaps too much Patience is a bad thing.  Thinking about the messages we hide in music and how it relates to graffiti and how books are obsolete. The thought of hard copy is becoming a cringe worthy memory in a generation they will be extinct and libraries will be museums filled with people sitting at computers while the books collect dust on the shelves. I’m thinking about magick (yes with a K), Aliester Crowley and Austin Osman O’Spare, and the works of H.P. Lovecraft; Wondering if my own cryptic musings will ever be regarded in the same way. I’m wondering how long I will be in this weird limbo not really living yet totally alive. Thinking about how good BSG was and how they won’t be able to duplicate it again anytime soon. I have a family reunion coming up and wonder what bit of wisdom I will be able to impart on my little cousins (that still look up to me), in this current mental state. Never have I felt such a gripping hold on my heart and imagination, my bravado seems to have all but left me. Tracing places and spaces in my mind, it would help if I could just get high and drunk for one night. I need it more than you know.


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