Fuck-tards passing me by

So I just returned home from walking around handing out my resume to a bunch of angry overweight people who probably threw it in the trash as soon as I walked out the door. I filled out several applications and tomorrow I will venture out to do the same. I am as I have always been, on foot. I have no problem with this. Those of you who are accustomed to living in large metropolitan areas are probably wondering why I would even have to say this. Apparently I too forgot how weird it is to be the (seemingly) only person in town without a car, the sole walker on the edge of the road. There aren’t even sidewalks most places here. I am walking around in long pants in 87 degree southern heat my balls sticking to the side of my leg, and sweat pouring down my back like I was in a rain storm. Funny thing is that it’s about to rain-and it’s still that hot. The worst part about being the only person walking is the glares I get from drivers as they crews past me in their air conditioned SUV’s. The idiot jocks with their snug baseball caps on, and wrap-around sunglasses, with their Wake forest stickers on their brand new cars. The giant pick-up trucks with skinny little grease-ball red-neck rockers gunning their engines as the zoom pass me. The evil soccer moms and their mini-vans full of kids busy texting or playing Nintendo DS as she talks on the phone with her daytime lover. They make me sick, and apparently from their faces today I make them just as nauseas. I have only been home a month and I can’t think about anything but getting the hell out of here.  I’m going to go play some more GTA now and blow the heads off some of the fuck-tards that just passed me by

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