Here Comes the Pain!

call that fake bitch!
call that fake bitch!

Normally I don’t do this, but I just watched the greatest revenge beating in history. Last nights UFC 100 bout between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir was classic. The way the crowd booed Brock and the way he fed and played off it reminded me of his days in the WWE playing a heel. For those of you unfamiliar with MMA or Wrestling you can not understand the beef between the two fans. As a fan of both I often find myself in the middle of the argument. Although I identify first and foremost as a wrestling fan I appreciate the skill and technique of MMA. I was saddened by wrestling losing Lesnar to UFC but that was quickly eclipsed by joy when the man took the title and became the Undisputed Heavy Weight Champion. With no respect from the fans or other fighters Lesnar has shown how dominate a “fake” wrestler can be. What UFC fans and wrestling nay-sayers fail to understand is that professional wrestlers are on the road 320 days out of the year putting their bodies and lives on the line. What they do is far mor athletic and grueling than any other sport. MMA fighters fight once or twice a year at best and lying on you back for a few minutes grappling and hugging is nothing compared to diving off a forty foot ladder onto another man and crashing through a table. Now I know Brocks win last night will not change the hearts and minds of hardened MMA fans, but now at least wrestling fans can just hold up Lesnar and tell them to shut the fuck up. Or as Lesnar told Mir after the fight “Talk all the shit you want now!”

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