People in Glass Houses…Get Cut Alot!

So another one bites the dust! Republican hypocrites are getting their come-up’n’s this year, and not just in the form of Barack Obama either. They are reaping what they have sewn from their lofty moral high ground. All their bullshit about family values and  garbage  is biting them in the ass. Their hero Sarah Palin lead the way, preaching abstinece as her teenage daughter paid no attention. How many more will fall be for the old axum of “Practice what you preach”, becomes clear to these assholes. If any of them were as Christian as they claim they would remember that it says in their precious Bible “Judge not yet you be judged” (actually it doesn’t say that it does say “Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?” {1 Cor 6:2}) Let’s take a little look at how the righteous have made out shall we…

South Carolina  Governor Mark Sanford just today admitted that his “Fathers Day” weekend disappearance was to visit his mistress in Beunos Aries of all places! Not only is he “The Family Values” Governer, but now there may be questions as to if he used state funds to take trips to see his lover. A lover which has as of yet to be made gender specific. Wouldn’t it be great if he was running off to see some South American Tranny. He said today the affair began as conversations online. We’ll see, this ones still unfolding.

Republican Senator John Ensign just one week ago to the day Nevada’s “Family Value” man, Promise Keeper, and the guy who first called for Bill Clinton’s resignation during the Monica Lewinsky affair, was caught with his pants down, when the husband of the staffer he was sleeping with ran to Fox News.  If you don’t know anything about the Promise Keeper’s they are the worst Bible thumping, wife beating hypocrites in the religious right!

Who can forget 2007 star Republican the anti-gay marriage homo, who got busted playing footsie in a airport bathroom. Former Senator Larry Craig is a prime example of how the louder someone decries something the more they are into it behind closed doors. So every time you hear a person complain about gay marriage, it’s because they’re mad they can’t be as open as they want to be.

Senator Mark Foley is another example, he opposed gay rights and himself was busted in 2006 making improper advancements to pages in the Senate. He was one of the first to go down in glorious hypocritical flame.

Louisiana Senator David Vitter(R) was caught in not one but two prostitution scandals (one in D.C., the other in N.O.), after replacing Bob Livingston who himself   had to resign because of an adulterous affair.  Through it all though he has remained not only in office but remained adamit about his oppositon to same-sex marriage, abstenice only education, prayer in schools, and all the other Republican bullshit.

Now just to be clear this is across the board former New Jersey Democratic Governor James McGreevey was busted not only with a male lover, but he had orgie and threesomes with his wife. John Edwards with his perfect hair, hailing from the perfet State had a child with his mitress while his wife went through Cancer treatment. And of course there is the Godfather of them all old Billy Clint “The Supa-Pimp” who got a hum-dinger in the Oval Office. The difference being is that Dems don’t go around acting all holier than though. The Republicans playing to their base of right-wing religious nut bags, propped themselves up against impossible standards and now they are paying the price. This won’t ened, and it din’t just begin as long as you have people ot there who say one thing and do another you will have political scandals and disgraced poloticians-and a smiling Anarchist in the background.

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