A young man once picked up a microphone and asked, “What is your Fantasy”.  It is an important question. We all have our dreams and hopes, we all have desires that often go unfulfilled. But, what is your fantasy? It could be anything outside the realm of reality or it could be something tangible that you have even held in your hands once or twice. While talking with a friend the other day we mused on what we would do if we had three wishes. Of course my logical brain immediately says to make the first wish a simple one for unlimited wishes, that way you’re not constrained by only receiving 3. Which in stories older than me all show that will turn out horribly.

     So after my first wish I would then wish for invulnerability; because we all know the “haters” will be taking shots at you once the real wishes start rolling in. Next I would wish for a spaceship with a capable crew of course. Then I would fly around and beam aboard all the women I wanted but could never have. My tractor beam of course would only be able to transport the bodies not their clothes and they would be forced to lay around my golden Captains chair in the nude awaiting further instructions. My next wish would be for a flying Tiger with a Unicorn horn that I call Uniger. Afterward I would wish for the power to control others with my voice.

        Then I would start a band. Of course I would have to wish for some type of musical ability, I suppose I would want to become a banjo virtuoso and turn the whole planet on to my kick ass banjo/punk/hop. Assuming I would need more wishes after that I would have to wipe out hunger and poverty and disease. Clear up global warming and pollution, and then move on to world peace. Of course my lawless Utopia would resemble Mad Max more Xanadu. Unlimited beer and whiskey would come into play and then perhaps I would wish to conquer the galaxy, become immortal and rule the stars as a mad sex crazed tyrant. My downfall will come when once I destroy everything and find myself unable to die and alone in the universe. But with unlimited wishes I could recreate everything and become God cycling through the same series of events for eternity until I got so utterly bored I made my final wish to die. But that’s just one fantasy I have others. What’s your fantasy?


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