Do I look like I need your pills?

neu·ro·sis (n-rss, ny-) KEY NOUN: pl. neu·ro·ses (-sz) KEY Any of various mental or emotional disorders, such as hypochondria or neurasthenia, arising from no apparent organic lesion or change and involving symptoms such as insecurity, anxiety, depression, and irrational fears, but without psychotic symptoms such as delusions or hallucinations. No longer in scientific use.

Our society promotes neurosis at every turn. We are constantly being force fed this belief that we must be happy and beautiful as if there is some secret standard of either we should strive towards. If your skin is not perfect then try Pro-Active, if your penis doesn’t stay hard try this “male enhancement”, if you can’t sleep take a pill, if you feel sad take another pill. Do you need energy? Try five hour-what-the-fuck-ever juice. Are you not doing anything-go to bullshit school online, need a date log into, and so on, and so on. I’m sick of it! And not just the dumb ass commercials, but the websites and magazines are shoving anorexia and crap down my throat, as if everyone must fit their mold. Who are they? Who is determining what I should look like to be considered attractive and desirable?

      I am not the perfect weight, I have a little pouch and I refuse to run a fucking marathon. And you wonder why we have teen suicide and so many runaways on the streets? My ex spent 8 grand inflating her breast to unnatural proportions, now (just 4 months later) she realizes she went too big! How about being happy with what you were born with? We dye our hair and paint our nails, spray on fake tans, and use ungodly chemicals to bleach our teeth; for what? To achieve what some self-loathing magazine editor or television producer feels is sexy? Get the latest Bow-Flex so that your abs are sculpted and toned like Christian Bales! I got news for you (if you didn’t already know) Christian Bale is a dick! Sure I love American Psycho, but the guy beat-up his own Mom!!! We are told on an hourly basis that we must conform, it doesn’t matter that that lady in England can sing, and the only thing people focused on was how she looked. They couldn’t believe that someone like her had talent! WTF???? Much of this crap is promoted by pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry at large to sell you shit don’t need. No one thinks it’s okay to be unhappy sometimes. Why the fuck would you want to hang out with someone who is perpetually smiling and drugged out of their mind? Why the fuck would you want to be friends with someone who is so narcissistic they spend all their free time at the gym or trying to become upwardly mobile.

     There was a time not that long ago when this sort of behavior was frowned upon; this sort of vanity was mocked. I believe what happened was the yuppies of the 80’s became the CEO’s that bankrupted this country today and along the way they tricked us all into thinking their stupid yuppie mentality was the way to go. So now hospitals across the country have entire wards dedicated to eating disorders. Millions of children have grown up addicted to various pills to stabilize their moods. We all live under the delusion that any emotion outside of pure joy is something to be medicated away. I just read an article in Entertainment weekly on Eminem, and it talked about his drug abuse. What was he abusing you ask? Not heroin, or coke, or even weed! He was overdosing on pain pills and mood stabilizers’!!! Even our Pop stars can’t escape this bullshit. I remember back in early 2000 when a number of my friends jumped on the pill band wagon and a few were carrying around these little tackle boxes full of prescription meds, trading them and getting high. I told them then I thought it was the stupidest habit they could possibly have adopted. Why on earth would you want to numb yourself to the point where you couldn’t feel anything? Is life so horrible that you just can’t cope?

        I have had innumerable up’s and downs in my life, I lost my mother at a young age, and my grandmother a few years later, I have been in and out of jail and even went to prison once, I have lost everything I owned on more than one occasion. Yet even through my darkest hour I never wanted to fake my happiness with a magic pill. I dealt with it and became stronger because of it. What we are doing is creating a generation that will be incapable of dealing with real issues. When a monumental tragedy occurs they will retreat in their self absorption and drugs. You can mark my word if we do not begin excepting ourselves and our responsibilities we are already doomed.

Do I look Like I need your pills?

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