Frankenstein v/s Twilight

So thinking about all of this Twilight hub-bub (I know I’m late but I don’t pay much attention to pop culture), I don’t get the fascination with Vampire culture. Maybe I couldn’t get behind it because once I read that the original author was a Mormon I knew there had to be some secret Mormon message hidden in the text. Yet there’s the True Blood show on HBO, The CW Network is coming out with it’s on vampire show to follow Gossip Girl (which I have never seen one minute of), and that’s just the current wave. Going all the way back to Bella Lugosi and Bram Stoker we have been fascinated with this image of some undead Casanova bull shit! I never bought into it. Even as a kid I thought that Dracula was a wuss. What kind of monster is scared off by a cross? What kind of self respecting undead feels the need to sleep in a coffin? I mean wouldn’t a bed be just as comfortable? I was more of a Frankenstein kind of guy. A real monster made up of various dead men and powered by electricity. That’s a guy I can hang out with all raw power and energy, no need to sleep all day! Granted he was afraid of fire while garlic and holy water did nothing to him. Fire at least harms real people right! Besides Frankenstein being a better book, he was a creature of science not superstition. The reason why the vampire myth is so malleable and Ann Rice and others can add their own unique powers and characteristics to vampires is because they are completely implausible.

There is a woman in France right now who would be dead had she not received a face transplant. We have transplanted other body parts as well. Frankenstein is becoming more real. While the only way vampires exist is in the overactive imaginations of lonely Gothic teenagers who listen to way too much Bauhaus and Marilyn Manson. As far as the other element-Werewolves-don’t even get me started on those flea bags.
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