Cocaine is his God!

It’s no secret that the Monkee Armada reads comics and does drugs. It is no secret that we love Super-Villains more than Super-Heroes. Now there is a new Super-Villain (by new we mean we just heard about it) and his name is Snow Flame.
you can lean all about him at Atop the Fourth Wall, but this picture is all you need to know.
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7 thoughts on “Cocaine is his God!

  1. i think i used to datte him. he was a right boring twat after a bag of coke.
    and the sex….. *shudder*….

  2. he was popular, but he had a huge bag of coke
    so his ability to chew your ear off at a million miles an hour
    was part of the deal if you wanted to share his splendour.
    i’m a good girl now. mainly.

    Snow Flame looks about 60 and i bet he can’t get
    a hard on without a fat line or two.

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