Burn, Hollywood, Burn

Libra Horoscope Friday, May 29th, 2009 — You may feel as if you are at the end of the road and still haven’t reached your destination. Unfortunately, this sense of falling short can leave you feeling frustrated. Fortunately, you can ease the tension by shifting your perspective. Keep in mind that the landscape is in the process of changing and there will be time enough ahead to reach your goal once the path opens up again in front of you.

          Sometimes when its right its dead on. I get these in my email inbox everyday and most times they don’t even pertain to my current situation, but occasionally they hit the nail dead on the head. It would seem my time out West is drawing to an end. Sad as it may be everything happens for a reason, even if you can not see the reason at the time or ever. I am being drawn back to the east Coast and my friends and family. So ladies get ready because I’m a caged tiger out here and as soon as my feet touch the earth I will be ready to pounce. To all my homies you got about a month to get your livers ready-your boy is coming home! As far as my peeps on the interwebs you may lose me for a time but no worries I will pile on the blogs for the next 30 days or so before I’m left without the internet for god knows how long. Part of me is excited about that since I just spent 5 months stuck behind this screen, but part of me doesn’t know how i will function without up to the minute information on everything. There is a certain nervousness in returning, but hopefully it will all work out. I will however vow to return and burn California to the ground for rejecting me.


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