We will never no the answer..

    There are so many things that I would love to say to you. So many questions I need answered. Not because I think it would help us get back together. Even if you cam running back tomorrow I could never look at you the same way again. I could never love you the same. I don’t even believe you’re capable of loving anyone but your self. To me you are a heartless, selfish beast. I look back at our brief time together with much regret. At first for what I did, the rest for what you put me through. I wish I would have stood up to you more, but at the time your beauty made me weak. I was at your mercy from the first time I saw your ass in all its glory. I was your pawn, that you manipulated and toyed with until you bored of me and tossed me aside.
There was a time when I would have done anything for you. There was a time when I would have laid down and died if it would have made you happy. Alas, our time has come and gone. Now there is only pain, and hurt feelings, and a mountain of regret. Why? Perhaps, because you could not foresee us going on. Perhaps, because you simply wanted a change. You were bored with me, or were you scared of loving me. Did you feel unappreciated? There were a lot of things that you were, but unappreciated was not one of them I loved you with all my heart, and perhaps I should have called you before i went to the bar, but would that have kept you in my arms. Was it the fact that I was too concerned with keeping you happy that I couldn’t tell you when I talked to Amber. Was it the fact that I wasn’t always in the mood. Trust me I regret that one too. Maybe if I would have spent more time eating you out rather than writing another stupid blog.
We will never know the answer, I will never heal fully. Not to the point where we can sit down and talk about this. If and when I ever see you again it will take all of my self control not to scream and yell and call you foul names. It will take a miracle for me not to immediately start making snarky remarks about how many men you’ve been with since you left me. I will bite through my tongue not to simultaneously salivate and denigrate your lovely new breast. It would be best if we didn’t even run into each other for a few years. I don’t think I can handle it.

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